Personality Testing – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "Personality Testing" is a great example of a management personal statement. A personality test gives surprisingly accurate results about the person that took the test. In the personality test that I did through the www. 16personality. com, my personality was described as INTJ (introversion, intuition, thinking, judgment). Judgment was shown to be my highest preference with 83 percent. The results of this test are acceptable because they clearly relate to my behavior. For instance, my description as an introvert is true as I am not a sociable person. However, I was surprised by the fact that INTJs form only 2% of the population.

These people are ambitious but private and imaginative but decisive. Despite the fact that the INTJ personality fits my description, I still believe that some situations can suppress it. For example, expected events can suppress a personality as they have common scripts, which limit the application of a personality trait (Boyle et al 2008). Even though some researchers often describe personality as prone to change, personality cannot be changed as it is fixed in the genes of the person carry it.

Suppression is thus usually confused with a change, as the situation can force an individual to adopt a personality trait, which does not belong to him/her. Due to this fact, the introversion trait of my personality can be hidden in a social situation. Managers are required to have skills that can allow them to develop good relationships with their employees. They are also required to be decisive so that they can make important decisions facing their organizations or companies. On the requirement of decisiveness, my personality fits in, as am imaginative and decisive.

However, the assertive trait of my personality can negatively affect the way I relate to employees, as it would not allow for their creativeness and innovation. Based on a comparison between my personality and management skills, decisiveness skill can be taken as the strengths of my by personality as is shown by the way I made the decision to quit football game as it affected my religious activities. Thinking trait is important but also a challenge. For example, before I quit football, I had to spend much time reasoning.

This skill can thus lead to wastage of time.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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