Application to the International Summer School – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "Application to the International Summer School" is an excellent example of a personal statement on education. My application to the International Summer School, Pembroke was motivated by the fact that the school has a very good reputation among both local and international students. The summer program avails numerous opportunities for study and cultural interaction with members of different students and tutor personalities. There are also optional social activities including, but not limited to plenary lectures, which are offered for the sake of cultural exchanges. In most universities, the optional social activities require that one pays an extra cost but here they are free in addition, I have been aware for some time that this is one of the oldest universities in the world.

It is the second oldest English speaking university in the world, which speaks volumes about the depth of experience and expertise that one can glean from there.   In the long term, my key objective is to graduate with humanity in general education especially one related to English culture. To achieve this goal, it is imperative that I am exposed to the language both from a theoretical and practical viewpoint.

In my experience, it is virtually impossible to separate the culture and language of any country, therefore with a background on English from such a culturally rich environment, I will greatly improve my social linguistic and intellectual acumen. Since I intend on applying for a graduate program in England, am confident that the knowledge gained from the UC course will be invaluable in helping me add value to my academic portfolio. My major is psychology and while it may appear to be rather distinct from language, I have found that linguistics is an integral part of psychology.

In addition to the obvious connection with psycholinguistics, psychology requires that one familiarizes themselves with the cultural aspects of a society and as an aforementioned, language, in this case, provides significant leverage. At the University of North Hampton, I studied English in which I majored and largely this contributed to fueling my passion for the discipline both as a language and as a social science. I hope to become a professional in the language and to this; the UC program will be highly beneficial.

While admitting that UC offers diverse academic programs and courses, there are few courses not offered, which one may be found in some universities abroad. For example, while there is a department of languages and psychology, psycholinguistics is not covered by an independent department. This tends to limit the extent to which one may explore the linguistic underpinnings of psychological theories and although these are all covered within the course, the scope could benefit from more specialization.

I have always been interested in the culture and history of democratic institutions especially in the context of the English unwritten constitutions. I believe that such a system can only be stable and predictable when the language in which it exists is similarly solid. As a foreigner, I was greatly impressed and interested in understanding how it all works and I make comparisons with the systems in my home country and elsewhere. Studying psychology has been one of my biggest academic goals since my early years of high school, and intends to pursue psychology preferably in your esteemed institution.

As a teen, I always sought to understand the motivations and behavior of people within a society or individually and as a result developed a special interest in the discipline. I have spent a considerable amount of time in the host country especially when I studied English in the university of North Hampton and I determined then that England as a country was the best place for me to pursue my higher education. The program will provide me with significant social-cultural and intellectual skills, which will ultimately improve me both as a scholar and as intellectual.

I hope to become a professor of psychology at an English university. Studying at this institution will greatly contribute to realizing this dream and taking to account the combination of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, I have no doubt the institution will benefit from my devotion even as I reap the benefits of being a student therein. I intend to take part in team and group activities as well as engaging in incisive research especially on the topic of psycholinguistics.

I will also take full advantage of the staff of highly qualified professors as well as students from different academic profiles. Through formal and co-curricular interactions with members of the school community, I will organize myself to be in a perpetual state of planning to achieve my personal and professional goals.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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