Stress and Time Management – Personal Statement Example

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The paper “ Stress and Time Management” is a motivating example of a personal statement on management. In the workplace and daily life, there are numerous challenges that people have to pass. Such challenges include stress and time management. The aim of this paper is to address stress and time management in my personal life and also in the place that I work on. The first part discusses personal self-analysis and review of an incident that I experienced and the impact of the experience on my personal life. The second section discusses stress and time management in the workplace factoring what I have done well and areas that I am planning to improve on. Self Analysis and ReviewNature of ConflictI recently had a tough month because I had to fast the whole month because of my religion: in my religion, a whole month is dedicated to fasting.

It is usually easy for me, but what made the month very tough was because I went to Gold Coast then I came back in the same day. This made me very tired for the next few days.

Within the same period, I had to go to the university daily because my semester had started. According to my religion, I have to fast daytime from 5 am to 6 pm and at the same time; I have to go to my university from 3 pm to 8 pm, which was hard for me. In my culture, the women cook for the men. Therefore, my husband does not know how to cook and I have to cook for him and we also have to eat together because of the requirements of my culture.

Therefore, the last month was a really tough time for me but when the month finished I was really sad because I couldn’ t do my stuff like praying on time or sometimes I couldn’ t fast, but I am still happy because I have got out of some pressure that I used to have in the last month. Development of the issueReligion and the university played a major role in contributing to the conflict (Steed-Takasaki and Pierringer, 2009). My religion requires an individual to fast the entire month and ensure the fulfilment of requirements based on cultural demands.

Thus, it is important to ensure that religious obligations are met and also to ensure that family/cultural requirements are met (Juneja, 2004).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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