Exceptional Customer Service System – Personal Statement Example

The paper "Exceptional Customer Service System" is an excellent example of a business personal statement. The motivational talk by Steve Cloward has helped me to understand how entrepreneurs should treat customers to increase their satisfaction. This is because organizational success is based on customer satisfaction, which increases the sales and profits of a firm. The first thing that I have learned from the speech is that an efficient customer service can increase customer loyalty (Kotler and Armstrong 56). This means that customers purchase the goods of the organization at all times without considering the option of buying substitutes.
I have also learned that entrepreneurs must possess listening skills for them to succeed in their business. This is because listening enables an organization to understand the needs of customers (Kotler and Armstrong 58). Entrepreneurs may listen to customers when talking to them directly or hearsay. The entrepreneur then acts on the information to provide consumers with their desired product.
Enabling customers to understand a company’s system may help to reduce confusion and impatience. This is because consumers may view the system as slow when they want to be served hurriedly and the firm fails to meet their expectations. However, when customers understand how the firm works, they put up with the speed of the system (Kotler and Armstrong 60).
Satisfied employees treat customers respectfully leading to increased consumer satisfaction, sales, and profits. This means that an organization must satisfy the wants of employees before those of customers. The workers then serve customers respectfully using kind language to gratify them. The last thing that I have learned is that even when an organization meets the wants of employees, it needs to train them how to use the customer service system. This ensures that the workers provide efficient services that meet the objectives of the organization (Kotler and Armstrong 63).

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