Intention to Enroll at the University of Southern California's Sol Price School of Public Policy for PhD Degree in Public Policy and Management – Personal Statement Example

ment of Purpose I am an international from Saudi Arabia presently taking my Master of Public Policy and Administration (MPPA) degree. I am on a scholarship from Saudi Arabia to take my PhD in the United States. I am expecting to graduate this coming May 2013, with a Master’s of Public Policy and Administration degree from California Lutheran university (CLU).during my studies, I have acquired extensive knowledge and experience both in confinement of the classroom and in practice. I would like to next enroll at the University of Southern California’s Sol Price School of Public Policy for my Ph.D. degree in Public policy and management.
Public Policy and management is a field that sparks major interest in me. I find it to be stimulating, interesting and satisfying both practically and intellectually. I would like to study my Ph.D. at USC Sol Price School of Public Policy so that I can make a positive contribution towards the public policy field in my country and the world in general. My key areas of interest are policy planning and development.
I was involved in a number of extra-curriculum activities while pursuing my tertiary education. I worked as a volunteer at the Center for the Special Needs of Mongolian and Autistic children in Jeddah Saudi Arabia in the month of October 2010. The work involved playing with the children, entertaining them and encouraging them to pursue their career goals. In October 2011, I volunteered to teach Islamic studies and Arabic to two students in the U.S aged 6 and 9. I have had great time learning both theoretically and practically about how public policies can change lives if well managed. In 2010, I carried out a research on the policies implemented in the US Nuclear Energy Program and it was an informative experience to collect the data, analyze it and give a meaningful interpretation of the research’s results.
I believe that USC Sol Price School of Public Policy is the best place for me to expand my knowledge and acquire the necessary skills. Studying at USC will enable me to bring forth work that is of the high qualityand thus contribute to making the world a better place for current and future generations. I would also like to be equipped with the ability to analyze governance issues and give my contribution to timely solutions of problems facing different communities globally. All this will be possible through research, theoretic training and field work all of which are available at USC.
My Masters education at CLU has not only equipped me with a reliable set of knowhow but also assisted me in comprehending the fields that am excited about. With these, I believe that I have acquired the necessary qualities of a good researcher and teacher. I am a creative individual who frequently thinks seriously about different issues that are of practical importance to today’s society. My greatest strength is probably my ability to think outside the box and see what might not be so obvious to others. I am sure this will be of great value in molding me to become a good researcher and teacher.
The USC Sol Price School of Public Policy is among the best schools of management globally. This school has a strong orientation towards research which is of interest to me. The high standard faculty and the doctoral program will most certainly bring out my best qualities. I believe that I have the ability and motivation to make an important contribution towards public policy and management in my home country. It is my hope that you will consider me in your admission decision to the Ph.D. program. I am looking forward to joining the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy.