The Desire to Combine Business Administration Experience and a Master of Science in Managemen – Personal Statement Example

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The paper “ The Desire to Combine Business Administration Experience and a Master of Science in Management" is a potent option of a personal statement on management. In order to become competitive in the current environment, the majority of students who are interested in business as well as management fields have now turned into undertaking a Master of Science in Management (M. S.M. ). M. S. M provides general management courses that ensure that the graduates are competent enough to deal with the challenges experienced in organizations. I have a bachelors degree in business administration.

After graduating, I became more interested in pursuing management. I now want to study M. S.M in order to have more skills that will allow me to effectively address the ever-evolving issues that are experienced in the multicultural business world. By combining business administration and M. S.M, I will acquire experience a course that combines theory and practical applications. Being a course that is undertaken in more than 130 countries, M.S. M will increase my choices as well as making me be noticed by employers. One of my objectives is to become a skilled and experienced leader who is able to handle business issues in an international environment.

Since recently, my country has witnessed a very big leap in women's career that many women have been in command positions. For example, the Vice Minister of Education ministry as well as the Shura Council. The reason as to why I want to a leader is that I have my own vision; I am planning to peruse managerial position in companies that offer aids consoling to small businesses. Additionally, in long term after having gained adequate experience in the field as well as becoming productive and effective in various kinds of projects, I am planning to establish an institute that mainly offers consultation services to people who are new on their businesses.

For example, by consulting our company, an individual will have the ability and necessary skills to establish his/her business. After while the person will learn how to handle the business and be in a position to manage it independently and will still be able to contact the consultant if he or she requires advice. By participating in the program, which is taught by professionals, I will have access to quality lessons and research that will enhance my knowledge of the business world.

Similarly, the transformational experience will expose me to extensive skills in the field of business thus making me have more choices in the future. In this way, I will be in a position to meet various top graduate employers who regularly look for individuals with masters in the field of business. Based on the deep analytical skills and research that I will be exposed to, I will be in a better position to deal with business challenges that are not only experienced by local managers but also global leaders.

Through the high profile leaders who intermingle with business students, I will be motivated; an aspect that will make me improve my leadership qualities. As a result, I will be in a position to provide quality management duties in the organizations that will need my services. I believe that I will significantly contribute to as well as learn from my talented colleagues in the department of management, industry professionals and teachers.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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