My Study Journey – Personal Statement Example

ment of Personal History ment of Personal History Decisions in life are triggered by environment factors. The urge for success pushes one to achieve his goals by utilizing the available resources. History is part of one’s life. In most cases, history shapes ones future. The future depend on how effective an individual analysis his or her opportunity. There is a connection between my past events and my academic ambitions.
My study journey has been motivated by the fact that my immediate environment has been supportive. In my case my family has been my major pillar to success. The experience learned in this case is that an individual is dependent on various factors. The existences of these factors will determine the level of success. My family has acted as a social concept and their guidance has paved way for wave of success. Success in my terms implies acting upon a particular challenge based on available resources. When one exhaust the resources it is his or her duty to ensure that an alternative is created. My family has acted as this alternative giving hope and paving way for my success through my junior learning.
My hard work reflected on my success as I was admitted in the best high school in the city. The spirit of success was the reason I completed my college entry exam and was admitted to Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST). My inspiration came from my grandfather in that through his guidance as I was motivated to do a course in Building Environment and Equipment Engineering. The course was driven by the market demand. The course was highly regarded in the job market and there was need to involve in a course that reflects on the market demand and personal ambitions. A market research prompted me to shift from Building Environment and Equipment Engineering to finance. The transition was not easy as it provided new challenges. The challenges transformed the manner in which I approached life.
My pursuit for my major has been motivated by the fact that life has created an opportunity in which I must obtain. My prior involvement in finance came at an early age where I had to lend money from my parent in order to invest in the stock market. I have been able to attain vast experience in stock and the whole business world. Experience is my best component in that through this opportunity I was able to learn the market strengths and weakness. Through my business experience I have endured sacrificing hoping that my investment will yield the anticipated result. Just as an investor in the real market the joy was on gaining profits from the stock market. The risk undertaken has proven my endurance and my spirit of continuity. I am persuaded to undertake a degree as it proves my attitude of taking opportunities. In China, the market demand more of skilled labor in that the market is ready to absorb supply. The quality of supply is needed in this market and attaining a degree while enhance my chances of remaining competitive in the market.
Cultural diversity is a major concern to many investors and employers. The nature in which a person adapts to cultural change will determine the level of success within a given market. In my case, I have studied in China, Taiwan and USA. Through this educational journey I have been able to interact with new cultures. I have been able to adapt to various culture which has been my key component of success. The contemporary market requires a cross cultural approach. Though my cultural journey I have learned different cultures and adapted cultures that I perceive positive. I have been able to compare cultures and identify similarities. In a given organization, working on positives would create a cross cultural approach where different environments will interact. My aim is to remain competitive in the market by choosing the right components that are suited for markets in China and USA. Overtime I have worked with various companies and I have interacted with people in the corporate world. Through this I have been able to compare the actual market with my goals.
Setting goals based on priorities and goals have been my positive attribute. Interacting with the market and engaging with opportunities presented to the market has enhanced my understanding. The social world expects every individual to succeed. The failure to do so will implied that the society has failed to meet its primary objectives. In my case the priority are based on my duty to perform and achieve personal goals while at the same time following guidance from parents and the society. Though this teaching I have been able to identify the manner in which society reacts to failures and I have been motivated to succeed and try harder in an event I fail to achieve my targets. The degree course is part of my journey and attaining it will be like completing the last huddle in a race.
The society depends on me to achieve what many have failed to attain. The degree course will be achieving what society expects. Developing a competitive entity will be a plus and my aim will be to set preference where others in society ought to follow. Achieving my long term goals will be triggered by the motivations from society. Challenges are part of a journey. The manner in which an individual overcomes these challenges will determine how success he or she will become. My family and the immediate environment will be a motivational factor while attaining this degree.