Smart Goal: Graduate from University in Human Resource Management – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "Smart Goal: Graduate from University in Human Resource Management" is an exceptional example of a personal statement on education.   One of my goals in life is to excel in university. More specifically, I aim to graduate from university with a clean ‘ A’ in Human Resource Management by spring, 2011. This goal has quite much motivated me to have a lifestyle that is biased towards studying literature related to human resources. I have often argued that quite a number of people, just like myself, have managed to graduate from university with excellent grades.   In other words, others have made it with straight As and I am not any different from them.   Having completed 72 out of the total 120 credits successfully as a junior student, I have a good chance to achieve my goal.

In order to graduate with an A, I need quite a number of things most of which I already have. I have access to a good library of books and have an understanding and supportive parents, instructors and teachers.   In order to achieve my goal, I intend to put a lot of effort into every class that I attend.

This is the strategy I intend to use to achieve my goal: I shall take courses such as advanced business writing, global business management, human resource management, employment law, labor relations, business law, business ethics, marketing principles, business finance and labor relations on top of the introductory and foundation courses that I have already done. For an elective, I will do calculus.   I shall minor in business administration and major in Contemporary issues in HRM. I will strive to ensure that the worst grade I get for any subject is nothing less than a B. Between now and spring 2011 I will spend my time wisely using the following strategies.   1.

For learning term/semester, I will make a study timetable and stick to it as much as possible2. Before attending any lecturer, I shall ensure that I am adequately prepared to learn such as by reading ahead of the instructor3. I shall seek clarifications whenever I fail to understand key points and concepts.   4. Since feedback is important, I shall take seriously the results of every test, exam and class work that I do; I will do revisions whenever I go wrong  5.

I intend to get an A by the end of my junior period and maintain this until I complete my studies at university. Once I achieve my goal, I will engage in further studies and conduct research on various issues affecting HR specialists around the world. I will also continue to read a lot of books related to human resource management and business in general.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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