Leader and Pioneer in Industrial Distribution – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "Leader and Pioneer in Industrial Distribution" is an excellent example of a personal statement on business. I initially enrolled as an of International Studies with a keen interest in graduating with a major in Commerce. Having developed a serious inclination towards the study of international markets and global business trends, I felt that the course of education that I had chosen was the perfect fit for me. I will admit that it was true at the time. However, I later discovered that the city of Houston, where I am currently residing as a student, is better known for their business dealings in the field of oil and gas.

Due to their heavy business concentration in those 2 particular areas, most students in the vicinity were majoring in Industrial Distribution. I knew that I had to change my major to Industrial Distribution because I was in the perfect position to learn about Industrial Distribution from the best minds in the world and observe the industrial distribution process first hand. This course was definitely the perfect fit for me because it involves the study of the 2 most interesting fields that a future world business leader such as myself takes a particular interest in, engineering and business.

I hope to be able to graduate with a degree in Industrial Distribution and then return to my home country armed with the knowledge that I know will help me establish my future business as a leader and pioneer in industrial distribution. I am a student armed with the will to overcome failure and the will to succeed in the future. Although a language barrier still tends to exist between me and the classes that I am taking, I do not hesitate to do extra coursework in order to gain a better understanding of the class lessons, homework, and exams.

I have a serious work ethic that does not allow much time for distractions because I want to ensure that I will always get the best possible grades in my classes. I am highly confident that the combination of my ambition and self-confidence, coupled with the excellent industrial distribution training that I shall gain from your fine academe will allow me to achieve the highest level of success in the future as a practitioner of industrial distribution in my homeland.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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