Ways of Radiographic Procedure – Personal Statement Example

The paper "Ways of Radiographic Procedure" is a perfect example of a personal statement on medical science. I’ve always been a keen admirer of diagnostic sciences. Radiography is just the beginning of a diagnosis process and needs to be accurate. As a matter of act, most people do not realize its importance but I found it as the most important step because if the radiographer performs the wrong duty then the whole treatment process will go off the beam. Only the person who can understand its importance can be a responsible and wise radiographer. I do not want to study radiography just for the sake of studying diagnostic science. I want to explore new ways of radiographic procedures. I have visited hospitals and have come to the conclusion that studying radiography is very important in attaining my goals. I have seen procedures and have witnessed new technologies that are involved in radiography over these years. I have a certain degree of knowledge in the field of medicine. Being a science student I’m always keen to learn more about medicinal science. Being from a multi-cultural background, I have the ability to adapt to the environment and have a flexible personality. An empathetic nature is a plus point for any radiographer and fortunately, I’m lucky to have such nature. I’ve got good communication skills and have a great ability to find solutions to unsolved problems. Over the years I’ve seen changes in the subject of radiography and I’m looking forward to studying at this university because, in my opinion, it’s the best option for me. Strong analytical skills, empathetic nature, problem-solving ability and knowledge about the field make me a suitable candidate for this prestigious university.