Master of Nursing – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "Master of Nursing" is an exceptional example of a personal statement on nursing. I am currently a registered nurse and want to further my academic career to Master of Nursing (MSN). My present conditions are favorable for making this choice in terms of being single, independent, and without children. I am a full-time employee at a Pediatrics office and have my own car. I have talked to my manager about my intention of commencement of studies soon. He has assured me that he would be cooperative and let me leave two hours earlier than the break off time for my studies.

I offered him to deduct my salary of two working hours each day but he has been too generous to accept that. I work five days a week, and have two days of weekend always available. If I get admission, I shall review the ongoing week’ s work till Saturdays and plan for the next week on Sundays. I have confidence in my abilities and faith in my motivation. I understand that being employed, single, and independent, I am in the best position to take my studies to a higher level without causing any inconvenience to anyone else.

I approach the degree of MSN as no less important than my present job. Presently, I am fully on my own and can thus easily accommodate this challenge into my schedule. I understand that this degree requires me to invest time, money, and energy to achieve optimal results, but I hope that all of them will be repaid with bonus after I am finished with this degree.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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