Becoming a Public Health Practitioner – Personal Statement Example

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The paper “ Becoming a Public Health Practitioner" is an exciting example of a personal statement on health sciences & medicine. From a tender age, I harbored a strong interest in participating in the eradication of low levels of access to health care in my home country, Ghana and the eradication of preventable deaths, as a public health officer. I believe that studying public health will be beneficial in achieving this by providing the requisite skills and knowledge for success in the work environment. Despite the financial difficulty and other challenges that I have had to overcome including working as a security guard for five years, my passion for helping others and augmenting the health and sanitation levels in the community has never decreased.

With each passing day, I believe I am getting closer to this goal and this personal statement depicts my determination, strong will, commitment, and passion to succeed and I hope that it will serve to show my strong desire of working as public health officer opening the way for access to study public health at your university. There are several reasons for my desire to enter the public health field including a passion to help others, strong interest in sciences with biology being my favorite, and access to an opportunity to give back to the community.

For five years, I have worked in a security guard position that has enabled me to learn to be attentive to people’ s needs, manage time efficiently, develop excellent organizational skills, and interpersonal skills that will prove effective in the public health field. Dedication to duty and withstanding long hours of work and the need to pay attention to details are the others personal skills that I have developed over the years that I believe will be paramount in achieving the best I can as a public health practitioner.

Currently, I am studying Access to a nursing program at Barking and Dagenham College which I will be completing in June 2015. This will form the other basis for my success in the public health study. Working under no supervision, following instructions accurately, proper records development, and clear communication are some of my individual characteristics that will prove beneficial for me to succeed in the medical field.

My dedication and concentration are depicted in the attached resume showing my abilities in terms of academic performance and ability to concentrate to achieve better. I plan to work hard and dedicate myself towards the achievement of the goal of becoming a public health practitioner. I believe excellent performance and attention to minute details both during studies and in the work environment are important for the success of a public health worker and it is my aim to achieve this to better my chances of serving the public and the community at large. My hobbies include reading, cooking, walking, and meeting new friends and will allow me to cope with the high demands that come with courses within the medical field but with my determination and passion, I believe I will be successful.

My preparation in the preceding years has been adequate both emotionally and academically, and I believe I am in a good position to take the next step in achieving my goals in life through public health study. The attention to detail, effective communication, well laid out plans, and access to all the required information are some of the main reasons for choosing your university to pursue public health.

I believe with the facilities, human resources, and well-planned course structure at your university, I will have adequate training and skills to propel me to greater heights in the public health field. Access to both practice and theory in a creative and balanced manner will be very effective in meeting my needs for success and will form the main basis for success in the work environment further providing reasons for choosing the University.

At the university, I believe I will have access to numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth and development through interaction with students, faculty members, and other health professionals allowing me to have a wide range of mentors and advisers throughout my learning years from whom I can access invaluable knowledge and skills.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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