Improving Performance as a Teacher for Shaping Students Creative and Divergent Thinking – Personal Statement Example

The paper "Improving Performance as a Teacher for Shaping Students Creative and Divergent Thinking" is a worthy example of a personal statement on education. I developed a passion for reading at a young age and, therefore, decided to pursue a teaching career. My passion was further fuelled by the presence of teachers who were or acted as my role models and mentors. They inspired me and increased my conviction that teaching was the calling for me. I fully understand the impact teachers make on students. They are key in shaping creative and divergent thinking among students, instilling academic discipline and sharpening their intellectual capability (Brown, 2004). In light of this, I acknowledge that I am very conscious and aware of my duties and role as a teacher. Thus, I am fully committed and determined to acquire higher education to increase my efficiency as a teacher. As such, I decided to go back to school and I currently pursue an Access to H.E (Educational Studies) at Bromley College of Further and Higher Education. To extend my knowledge of teaching principles, I will pursue a degree in Education, to gain an in-depth understanding of effective teaching (Max et al., 2010).

I have excellent communication skills that were developed at a tender age. These skills are key to teaching and I am glad to possess them. I was exposed to theatrics throughout my academic journey. I took major roles in plays, debates, dance and other co-curricular activities that developed my communication and leadership skills. I learned important skills such as the art of voice projection and developed emotional intelligence. These skills are critical in attaining an audience’s emotional appeal, achieved through the use of persuasive and oratory skills. My students will benefit from both skills because I have mastered them over time. I also learned the art of making quality presentations, which will increase my effectiveness as a teacher.
In high school, I majored in planning and structural designing. I learned how to interpret projects, which was both interesting and exciting. The skills I learned helped me when I enrolled for a six-month tourism course that required interpretation of holiday data in brochures. These experiences confirmed my passion for teaching. I shall use these skills in my teaching career because they enable me to interpret and communicate difficult concepts in an easy to grasp/ comprehend way to students.
The core subjects that I pursued include English, Mathematics, Information Technology, and Study Skills. Additionally, I studied history because I found it very fascinating, insightful and interesting. The historical events that shaped the modern world are both educative and exciting. These events inspired and fuelled my passion for history, making it the subject I prefer to specialize in. History narrates events that shaped the human race and kind i.e. man’s collective memory, culture, religion and general issues surrounding man’s existence. As Ferguson et al ( 2003) argued, it is vital for individuals to comprehend the contextual framework of the world they live in. This is achieved by studying history, which gives a chronological account of all events that unfolded over time. My broad knowledge and passion for history will facilitate my effectiveness in making the subject enjoyable and interesting to students.
I have the ability to balance between parental and academic responsibilities because I have excellent time management skills. These skills enable me to prioritize my work and create a balance between work and personal life. As such, I will manage to pursue a degree course with full academic commitment and competence required to perform well. Teaching impacts me with the philosophical responsibility needed to explain historical events and features. For instance, dignity and sensitivity are required to teach students about the concentration camps during the Nazi War (Ding 2007). Since I am naturally a sensitive person, I am confident that I will deliver on that parameter. Hence, I strongly believe that I possess the right and correct set of skills, competence, and passion for teaching. I hope these qualities will afford me an opportunity to pursue a degree course in your institution. My prayer is that you give me a chance to pursue my vocation and change students’ lives, one mind at a time.
Action Plan
My action plan to becoming an efficient teacher includes pursuing a Direct School PGCE degree and subsequently apply my teaching skills in my local community as I pursue further education in your institution. The PGCE degree will increase my teaching skills. I am particularly interested in gaining an in-depth understanding of medieval history in addition to gaining more presentation skills that will make history an interesting subject that students enjoy and love. Most students think history is boring and unimportant; my further education will help me change this negative mentality. Therefore, my PGCE degree will mainly enable me to specialize in ancient history and Communication.
I also plan to offer voluntary teaching services to poor students in my community. This will sharpen my teaching skills and give me a chance to give back to the community through my skills. When I finish my degree program, I plan to pursue a teaching career in an educational institution. While at work, I shall major in teaching history and communication. This combination will improve my presentation skills and make history an interesting topic of study among students. Classroom teaching will give me the direct connection that I need to impact my students with fascinating facts. Moreover, it will allow me to interact with them and understand their learning needs in order to apply an effective teaching method to suit their needs.