Passion to Become a Good Lawyer – Personal Statement Example

The paper "Passion to Become a Good Lawyer " is a delightful example of a personal statement on the law. It has been my passion to become a good lawyer since my early childhood, probably because of the way I was brought up by my parents. However, the years of my study and work only proved that my goal to become a good lawyer was correct. Admittedly, my goal in life is to become a successful lawyer and specialize in civil law. I believe deep knowledge is the most important aspect of becoming a good lawyer.  As I found the legal profession highly attractive, I had my bachelor degree in Law from King Abdul Aziz University Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. After completing my graduation in the years 2010, I joined a law firm and worked there for nearly two years. In the years of my work, I gained experience in paperwork, dealing with clients, following up works, and pleading in the court.
Over the years of my work there, I got a chance to go deeper into the field of lawyering, and it made me realize the importance of having professionalism, skills, and experience in order to serve the clients in the best possible. This made me realize the fact that I am in need of further strengthening my education and experience. In order to get more knowledge, I joined groups like Lawyers United, which offer a chance to discuss various legal issues.
Over the years of my graduation and practice, I realized that my main interest lies in civil law. The reason may be that I am one among those very few women in Saudi Arabia who gained legal education. Also, I find it more useful and interesting to serve people in areas like civil law, intellectual property, and insurance. I am sure that by entering an LLM program will help me further deepen and widen my knowledge in civil law. This will also help in understanding how the various laws are interconnected.
Another important point I would like to mention here is that I have a lot of qualities which are quite necessary for someone to become a good lawyer. In fact, my father was a man of principles and he considered dialogue, convincing and trust as the basic tenets of parenting. As a result, as I grew up, I too started thinking logically. Also, I gained the habit of looking into every aspect of a matter before decisions are taken.
Thus, being a woman who was born and brought up in a country like Saudi Arabia, I was keen to know what the laws of the land are and how they work. Also, I was curious to know what rights are protected by the laws and what is not. Thus, I became one among those very few females in Saudi Arabia who decided to take law as the subject for graduation.
In fact, I was always fascinated by the high degree of trust the clients have on their lawyers. As I started my practice, I understood the fact that trust is based on the lawyer’s personality, principles, professionalism, skills, and experience. As I made this realization, I started improving in these areas with increased vigor. Now, I want to work on my knowledge regarding the various aspects of law, especially civil law.
I am quite confident that I will be able to complete my LLM with good marks. I have already gained a considerable amount of experience and knowledge in the field through my graduate degree in law and my two years of work experience. These years gave me a lot of insight about the real craft of lawyering, the real problems of people, various legal and ethical dilemmas and so on.
Now I have completed graduation in law and started practice as a lawyer. The next step for me to achieve my goal is to have an LLM in law. This LLM will help me gain even deeper knowledge in civil law. With this increased awareness about the twists, turns, and interconnections in the world of law, I will be able to better serve my clients, society and myself.
Another important point is the world exposure I can have through this LLM. It is highly necessary for me to have as much exposure as possible to the external world as I had my birth in a nation where women have less access to such areas like education, especially law education. It was my keen desire and dedication towards the profession that helped me overcome all those hurdles and manage to become one among those rare females in Saudi Arabia with law education. So, in order to fulfill my ambition, it is very vital at this stage to have an LLM degree.