Applying for a Full-Time Master Degree in Health Administration in the Edinburgh Napier University – Personal Statement Example

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The paper “ Applying for a Full-Time Master Degree in Health Administration in the Edinburgh Napier University" is a worthy example of a personal statement on management. I am planning to apply for a full-time master degree in Health Administration at Edinburgh Napier University. This paper explains why I have chosen to pursue Health Administration and the reasons I applied in the named University, along with a description of my personal competencies and educational achievements. Since my childhood, I had this great fantasy toward health and fitness. I always wanted to learn how health administration worked.

The fantasy grew into my ambition, and I wanted to learn more about a multi-professional approach toward health and social care. My passion made me explore more about these issues, and I joined a local library to study the related literature. I have also studied a number of journals and articles that have increased my interest. Thus, I have planned to do major in Health Administration, so that I may be able to excel in my field of interest and be a useful person to the healthcare sector.

To talk about my personal capabilities, I am a hardworking, loyal, honest, qualified, and extremely capable professional with excellent leadership and team-building competencies. I have an extremely technical mind and have proven successful in integrating technology with business needs. I am deeply interested in compensation analysis, strategic recruitment tactics, and HR business planning. My special skills include relationship building, organizational communication, time management, project planning, flexibility, adaptability, understanding technology, motivation, team building, and expertise in internal and external communication. I have got various computer skills needed to complete the required degree.

As for my educational achievements, I completed a diploma in technical support, computer technology from Alkharj College of Technology, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in 2006. After that, I completed many relevant courses regarding human resource management, industrial relations, organizational behavior, employment law, recruitment and selection, compensation structure development, strategic human resource policy, and business research methods. I am expecting my degree in Bachelors of Applied Management in 2013, which I completed from the University of New Brunswick, Canada. I also own much business and leadership experience, which includes experience as media representative in Saudi Student Association in Victoria, Canada (2008-2009); and, experience as executive vice president in St.

John Saudi Student Association (2010-2011). Why I chose the Edinburgh Napier University, is because it offered me the major in Health Administration which I wanted to avail and start my career in. The university is a private, top-tier institution and offers globally recognized experiential education. It offers highly qualified teachers. It helps the students in various means like in getting a tutor, scholarships, free-ships, stipends, internships, and etcetera.

Special training courses are also held which enable the students to apply the knowledge practically. These factors made me choose this university for my higher studies. Keeping in view my passion for the mentioned field, and my competencies in personal and educational concern, I hope that the authorities will grant me admission to the master's program in Health Administration, and will provide me with a chance to prove myself as a worthy student.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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