Mechanical Engineering with Minors in Math and Economics – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "Mechanical Engineering with Minors in Math and Economics" is a great example of a personal statement on engineering and construction. The demands of the modern economy where my engineering will be put to use require more expertise than ever as companies and organizations are pressured by the market to create better products, better processes that would lower costs and improve quality. This demand compelled me to pursue a post-graduate course in ______ (state the engineering course) to become more capable in responding to the demands of my profession as required by the modern economy.

My stay at Purdue University also encouraged me to stay longer in the university for a post-graduate degree because my undergraduate years had very pleasant for an international student like me. The university’ s academic as well as social preparation provided me the confidence that I will do well in graduate school hence is this application.   I majored in Mechanical Engineering with minors in Math and Economics at Purdue University and was also active in various organizations and activities in college. This academic preparation as well social exposures to the various cultural group and network-enabled me to co-found a company E& Z Academic Consulting which is an academic consulting company that aims to provide the best study abroad information and service to students who want to study abroad.

This demonstrates my competence in immediately applying what I learned from the academe to the real world. I also took an internship at Beijing Benz Automotive Co. , Ltd in Beijing as a Manufacture Engineering Intern and had the accomplishment of redesigning the company’ s air-inlet grille to reduce manufacturing cost and improve reliability.

I also had an internship experience at the Ministry of Affairs in Beijing where I functioned as Engineering Management Intern assisting my supervisor to follow up the new embassy project in the Republic of Korea and prepared the monthly report for the perusal of my supervisor. I also had work experience at Taikang Life Insurance Ltd. Co at Beijing where I collaborated with the actuarial and accounting department in deciding the price model for different level products that will be sent to Board of Directors for a final decision.

These internships provided me the experience about real-world work making me fitter to pursue a post-graduate degree in engineeringMy leadership and social skills were developed early in the university. It started in 2011 when Purdue raised the tuition fee for international students without any prior research, hearing, and notification. International student groups were frustrated. I was the only freshman at that time and although I was not sure how the problem can be solved, I felt that I needed to do something about it. I started contacting different student organizations on campus, specifically Purdue University Chinese Student Scholars Association (PUCSSA) and Undergraduate Chinese Association (UCA), to see if we can figure out a plan.

Not long after, student leaders within the organizations responded to my initiative where we came up with a movement named “ Education is not a business” to raise awareness to the case. To gain more support from other student groups, we were also in contact with Purdue Exponent, the official university newspaper, to follow and report our event. We held an informational booth and collected around 2000 signatures on a big banner that was delivered to the president’ s office after the event.

This initiative resulted in a dialogue with the University administration to address the issue. I became a member of UCA in the same year and dedicated my time to help international students break the barriers as well as strengthen culture exchange by holding various activities. After serving as an officer in UCA for several semesters, I was elected as the senator of the college of engineering in Purdue Student Government senators in 2013. This is significant and historic because this was the first time that an international student was voted as a Senator of the university.

I believe that this strong intercultural aptitude will be put to good use in the field of engineering particularly in today’ s globalized environment where people of varying nationalities and cultural background will have to work for the completion of a common project. I believe that my academic preparation as well as strong entrepreneurial and people skill makes me a very good fit in the engineering management program (or another engineering course).

Having these skill sets in my background would make engineering become more relevant and useful to people. It is because I do not only consider the mechanism and machines that move factories and organization but also balances it with people who would use and ultimately benefit from them making me a very good fit the engineering management program (or your other selected course. ).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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