Candidate for the Law Program – Personal Statement Example

Personal ment Law School Admission When I was young, my neighbors we wrongfully evicted from their home and their house taken away, they suffered a lot from the eviction my mother proposed to them to seek a lawyer who could deal with the legal procedures to have their property back after some time the lawyer was able to recover the property and gave them a smile on their lips and restore lost hope this gave me an impression that some day I shall also make some one happy.
My interest in law dates back to my years in high school, where I excelled in history, language and debate club. Every time we got into and argument within the class my teacher would look at me after I got a chance to talk and say you really never let go a point without a fight. From there I realized my destiny is already announced which is becoming a lawyer and recognize multi-faced perspective on issues and to build balanced argument.
My friends and classmates in University of Houston –Downtown who we are currently taking political science together, always say to me that I was made for a challenging environment. Through self - assessment and realization, my dream interest has always been joining a law school where I can pursue law education and more specifically immigration law.
While engaged in the every demanding reality of bachelor’s courses, deadline, teaching and writing, I have moved a step ahead and sought out different ways to enlarge my perspective beyond campus. I have worked at city hall as an intern for the mayor’s office of communication where my duties were mainly in office opening and closing, data processing, updating the database, making and editing newsletters, routine daily solving of issues, sending emails and answering phone calls and attending weekly conferences
This experience venue have given me exposure and a self realization ability of being very strong in communication skills, critical thinking, helped me to become a mult-task able person, a team player, self learner and more so helped me gain solid basic computer skills. , I am intrigued by developments in the way that it adapts to a dynamic society. Through my school courier, I have constantly harbored the ambition to study a course that would use my talents, understanding and abilities.
My dedication and volunteer work was appreciated by the mayor of Houston who awarded me a certificate for recognition and appreciation for dedicating myself to serve the people of Houston city which was presented in the presence of my supervisor Ms. Nancy Beren.
Fueled by the realization that the moral support of my friends and family I am willing to climb my educational ladder much higher to satisfy my childhood dream of becoming a lawyer, I am more convinced that a law school is a good match for me, I find that I thrive in challenging academic environments and take great pleasure in exploring the machinations of my mind. I love to analyze and write arguments, do research, and more importantly discuss the fine points of political philosophy and law with my professors and fellow students. Adding up to my desire to learn new things and achieve my goals in a challenging environment at a fundamental level and help other people, law school is my natural next step. I believe that legal field will grant me a position for me to prove myself credible in the society more so in immigration law.
My ability to communicate clearly and argue my points effectively in a way that it is understandable have grown and developed when I was working as an intern in the mayor’s office of communications. My organization skills and information presentation through research and studying law and legal books have been sharpened in the college where I am taking political science. Am a friend to people and I always love to help them especially from diverse background this have been due to the desire to learn more about people and law that govern them I believe that if I get admitted to this law school it shall give me a chance a chance to satisfy this desire I always have from my child hood. I seek more challenge, venue to learn new skills and personal growth in a field that calls on my skills, attention and knowledge through real work experience. It is through deep reflection that I have decided that law is the natural extension of my training, personality and talents.
A legal education will provide me with powerful tools and resources to pursue my ambitions with much grater effectiveness and impact. My experience to date has inspired and shaped my career interests in law, especially with regards to the areas of immigration and employment. I would like to present myself as a fitting and able candidate for the law program and as someone very capable to set and achieve goals (Stelzer 1-3).
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