International Human Resource Management at University of East Anglia – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "International Human Resource Management at the University of East Anglia" is an excellent example of a personal statement on human resources. It has always been my aim to get associated with a good organization during my whole career (i. e. both academic and employment). In order to achieve this aim, I have always been a studious but practical person. I want to serve my community by managing their affairs and offer them my services which I am proficient in. I have always been interested in management. The most valuable asset of any organization is the human power.

Knowing the importance of human resources and its scope in the practical working environment I aim to pursue a postgraduate degree of International Human Resource Management in the University of East Anglia. I have grown up in a culturally rich environment in China. I have received an effective early education. Through elementary, middle and senior middle school education, I have always been in the best schools in the local area, with top-ranking scholastic performance. With a strong yearning for knowledge and diversified interests, I spent my childhood in our family library reading a great many classical Chinese masterpieces such as Three Kingdoms, Sun Tzus the Art of War and the Journey to the West, etc.

and was greatly fascinated by the wisdom embodied in those books. My studying habit and quest for knowledge helped me in better understanding the weaknesses that prevail in the academic, working and daily life of individuals. My personal life and experiences involve a lot of difficulties and troubles which I faced in my academic and working life as I moved to the UK for study purposes.

Knowing the biased environment in many companies and the problems that employees face while working in today’ s diversified environment I feel enthusiastic to attain a degree in the human resource management field. I aim to work in this area professionally to provide employees a better and comfortable environment to work in. I came to the UK for my last 2 years of the undergraduate degree. Currently, I am a student of International Business at the University of Hull and will complete my graduation in July.

The recent curriculum involves the basic and some in-depth knowledge about Human Resource Management. The concepts, importance and practical applicability of Human Resource Management concepts have increased my interest in studying it for my latter education. The Human Resource Management program offered by the University of East Anglia has its own stand and position in the academic area. It is one of the best courses offered around the globe. The University is already reputable on the basis of the maintenance of its standards for producing professional individuals with expertise in their fields.

This Postgraduate course is a very promising program which will provide a perfect shape for my career. It will provide me an opportunity to indulge in the research activities associated with my field which is a requirement of the program as well as receive extensive training and guidance for gaining skills and achieve professionalism. The nature of the program is to impart education by means of interactive studies and the arrangement of activities as well as events to raise the level of knowledge of the students.

An opportunity to use my knowledge and take part in in-class tests, assignments, and exams as a part of the course will assist me in utilizing and implementing my gained skills. Hence, it is a program which produces individuals possessing abilities of an all-rounder and also has proper exposure to the professional field. I have put much hard work for my academic qualifications and I have achieved high standards in my education which I believe make me eligible for this course. I have experience which will assist me in the completion of my course in an efficient manner.

I will utilize all my skills and hard work to reach the level that is required by this university. I completely realize that this teaching center is one of the best in town. I believe my academic qualifications and experience are up to the grade that is required by such an excellent institution. I also have the potential to go ahead and achieve excellent progress. I will uphold the name of the college and put in all my strength and knowledge during my studies and even after that and I will study as well work with all my capabilities.

In order to achieve my goal of becoming an effective and efficient human resource manager, I am opting for this subject. I am working hard to attain the goals that I have set. Moreover, knowing the reputation and status of this institution, I would like to be a part of it.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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