A Reason for the Choice of Psychology Course by an Immigrant from Saudi Arabia - to Ensure the Progress of the Saudis in Terms of Mental, Physical and Sexual Health – Personal Statement Example

Personal ment Saudi women have been the most oppressed in many facets of the society. My parents however, have never contradicted my will to achieve the best education possible. They have always supported me in the scholastic path I wanted to take, even if it involved going to a foreign land. Hence, I am proud and grateful to have come from a family that believes in equal educational rights of both male and female children. As a result of all the hard work, I achieved a bachelor’s degree and aim to pursue higher studies in the future, in order to benefit mankind in the best way possible.
Few years ago in Saudi Arabia, the children of a class were awaiting their teacher who was to take a class on sexual health. However, whether out of awkwardness, or being of the belief that such topics are not appropriate to teach children, the class was not held. In fact, the teacher removed the very topic from the syllabus. Moreover, there is a stringent divide between males and females that has resulted in constricting the mindset of the younger generation and has often culminated in serious mental disorders. The patriarchal society that I have been a part of, in the past did not allow women to leave their homes alone. It was an essential prerequisite for a male to accompany them. They were also very rarely allowed to travel abroad for higher education. The male children rarely suffer such regulations. Yet, this resulted in emotional repression which has been negatively affecting the youth since ages. Also, children of this society are usually kept in the dark about education in terms of child abuse, sexual health and domestic violence, something that is necessary for all children to be aware of. This very mindset has made the progress of Saudis stagnant in terms of mental, physical and sexual health. Therefore, I chose a major in Psychology which would allow me to not only further my studies but also let me contribute towards a positive change in the society and in my country.
The psychology program that your institute offers has a well-planned curriculum that focuses on issues such as molestation, domestic violence, divorce, child abuse and sexual health. These issues directly affect the society that I come from, but people choose to remain ignorant about it and are not usually willing to educate their children regarding these issues. Thus, receiving an MED degree in psychology will enable me to focus on a multitude of social, cultural, psychological and humanitarian aspects of the society, rather than focus strictly on religion as is culturally and socially promoted where I come from. This is because it is these very virtues that contribute towards the ethics and values of a community and serve to strengthen it; forbidding essential education is not the answer.
It is for the promotion of new and better ideas and to encourage healthy dialogue between children and their parents that I wish to pursue my studies in your institution. The motivation for me to aim for and achieve results par excellence in my education has always come from the strong sense of community and out of reverence to my parents who have always supported my education. I therefore hope to be an asset to your institution and benefit my community by receiving the excellent educational opportunities you offer.