Masters Application for a Postgraduate Degree in Architectural Design – Personal Statement Example

The paper “Masters Application for a Postgraduate Degree in Architectural Design" is a brilliant example of a personal statement on architecture. I want to pursue a postgraduate degree in Architectural design because I have always had a passion for design ever since I was a child. Architectural Design is a complex career with many paths that I can pursue upon successful completion of my studies. Since I have been studying design even in my high school days, I believe that I have what it takes to take a postgraduate degree in Architectural design. Since I took an Architectural course in my undergraduate program, which I completed successfully, I believe that I will succeed in my Master's program if granted the opportunity. My previous academic success and experience in Architectural course are enough evidence to believe that I qualify for a Masters degree in Architectural Design.

I prefer the United Kingdom and particularly London Universities because of the high quality of teaching and research within its universities and colleges. Fundamentally, London is considered the heart of global architecture, which is evident in the unique and ancient buildings. Besides, I undertook my undergraduate degree in London and I will resume my studies with minimal challenges of coping with the English culture. I hold the strong belief that If I pursue my Master's degree in London, then I will emerge as one of the best Architectural Designers in the World. The Quality of education, especially in institutions of Higher learning is impeccable in London. In addition, I would like to be part of the most talented and professional Architects that London has ever produced. Certainly, a United Kingdom degree is universally accepted and therefore, I will be able to practice my profession anywhere in the world.

A number of factors attracted me to the program of Architectural design at a London University. Primarily, Architectural Design is a multi-dimensional program that can lead me to a number of careers related to Architecture or Design. For instance, if I take a postgraduate degree in Architectural design, I will have many opportunities to wait depending on my intended career path. With a Masters in Architectural Design, I can decide to follow the path of Interior Design or even landscape design. I will be in a better position to choose my career path because the opportunities will be limitless. Additionally, the creative design has been my passion since my childhood and I have done most of the courses related to design even in my high school because of my love for design. In this respect, I find it enjoyable when taking Architectural Design course and my excellent performance in Architectural and design course is enough proof to this effect.

My academic background, especially from high school onwards, has been more tilted towards design. In high school, I studied basic courses in Creative Design and Architecture and I still find the course useful in my current and future academic life. In my undergraduate level, I studied Architectural design and I feel that pursuing the same program at the graduate level will be the best thing in my academic and professional life. While undertaking my undergraduate studies, I got a chance to work in various Architectural and design companies as a student intern. While in those companies, I acquired a few skills and some experience that have been helpful in my academic life. Moreover, such exposure only reignited my interest and my resolve to pursue Architectural design, particularly at the graduate level.

Since I have always performed well previously, I believe that I will do my best and possibly maintain the same high performance if I get the opportunity to study Architectural design at a London university. If I am to pursue a postgraduate degree, then it has to be related to Architecture or Design because it has always been my interest. Besides, I cannot afford to pursue follow another career path different from what I study at my undergraduate level because it would be tantamount to academic misadventure. Studying in London has always been my fascination ever since I was a child. The main reason for this is because the English people are quite hospitable and I will easily blend in with other students. Besides, a number of international students, particularly students of Architecture, flock the United Kingdom every year in academic pursuit.

Concerning my career prospects, I plan to go the route of Landscape Architecture after I am through with my postgraduate study in Architectural Design. I strongly believe that once I have a postgraduate degree in Architectural Design, then I will be in a better position to handle various challenges that comes with the industry. In addition, when I equip myself with a postgraduate degree in Architectural design, especially from a London university, I will go a long way in ensuring success in my profession. It will be so in the sense that the postgraduate diploma will polish my architectural Design Skills in addition to enhancing my professional status within the industry. Last, my ultimate objective is to sharpen my talent and polish my skills through a Masters degree. It will not only contribute to my personal and professional success, but it will also ensure that I have the capacity to contribute significantly to society, especially in matters pertaining to Architectural Design.