Applying to Columbia, John Hopkins and Harvard Schools of Public Health – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "Applying to Columbia, John Hopkins and Harvard Schools of Public Health" is an excellent example of a personal statement on health sciences and medicine. My interest in Public Health has remained to be the greatest paradigm shift in my life. In my tender age as a child born in Sierra Leone with a big amount of diamond, I had always envisioned myself becoming a great diamond evaluator. However, this was short-lived. January 1996 has remained embedded in my memory when rebels of the revolutionary United Front attacked the capital city, Freetown.

My uncle in his bid to locate my grandmother was accused of being a rebel and this translated to his being shot three times in the abdomen and left for dead. People who knew him took him to the hospital and on getting the information; I hurriedly went to the hospital. The hospital was crowded with wounded people with no one to assist them. The military in their attempt to solve the situation decided that some of the patients were to be dumped in the Sierra Leone River.

I watched powerlessly as my uncle gasping for his life and other patients were loaded into a lorry ready for transportation to the river. I wished there were more doctors, maybe my uncle’ s life could have been saved, and that was when I realized I wanted to commit the rest of my life to save other peoples’ lives. My family relocated to Guinea as the war intensified and my passion was evident as I worked for the International Community of the Red Cross (ICRC) in 1998. Our aim was to locate refugees from Sierra Leone and Liberia with gunshot wounds, amputees, elderly, sick, and pregnant women, and take them to Satellite clinics commandeered by ICRC.

It was during this time that I was able to observe the disparity in the health care system at the military hospital and at the satellite, clinics ran by ICRC. It dawned on me that not only did I want to become a Doctor but also I wanted to acquire health management knowledge and skills. This is why I am interested in pursuing a Master in Public Health, Health Management, and Policy at John Hopkins and Harvard Schools of Public Health in Columbia.

In the public health department, I am interested in management and policy tracks. This is since I would want to spearhead the invention of policies that ensure there are enough medical practitioners in health facilities. I am also interested in being involved in the evaluation of existing health policies and getting involved in the planning of future health care. Consequently, management knowledge will enhance my decision-making capacity and leadership skills. It is through management that I will learn how to effectively and efficiently utilize the limited resources.

As pertains to my academic qualifications, I am waiting to graduate with a Medical Diploma in May 2012 from Georgetown University School of Medicine at Georgetown, Washington DC. I was awarded a Medical Certificate from the same institution in June 2008. Prior to that, I had graduated with a Bachelor Science in Chemistry from Fordham University Bronx, New York on May 2007. I attended college at Brooklyn College in Brooklyn, New York where I pursued a major in Chemistry.

It was during my studies at Brooklyn College that my academic performance was acknowledged and I was awarded for being in the Spring 2004 Dean’ s list. While at Georgetown University School of Medicine, I engaged in activities that evidence my passion for management and policy tracks. Since 2008 to date, I am the Health Rights and Social Justice Scholar. In my capacity, I spearhead the introduction of concepts of health rights and health justice in the context of healthcare providers to an open and civil society.

Consequently, since 2007 to present, I also evaluate patients and come up with a working diagnosis at the non- profit student-run Hoya clinic that cares for the homeless and uninsured in Colombia. I was also the Co-founder of Internal Medicine Group, 2009-2011 where I shouldered the responsibility of recruiting medical students and creating a list- service. I also kept track of income and expenditure of radiology interest Group as its treasurer, 2010-2011. In 2002, I volunteered my services as a Hemodialysis Patient Care technician at the Veteran Affairs Hospital.

It was my duty to provide counseling to the patients, connect the components to the dialysis machine, and record the vital of the patient pre and post dialysis including fluid removed. I have also engaged in research activity within my specific academic department and also outside it. In my capacity as the Health Justice Scholar at Georgetown University of Medicine since 2008, I have been working on research aimed at evaluating disparities in family education and their impact on early childhood development in Columbia. I also worked as a research assistant, 2005-2007 at Fordham University, with the aim of creating fuel cells using silver electrodes instead of platinum.

We worked with UV, mass, AFM, and IR- spectrometer. Besides my educational profile, I love sports and have an interest in soccer, basketball, and golf. I also enjoy watching national and international news to keep up to date with the current events in the country and in the world at large. John Hopkins and Harvard Schools of Public Health provides me with the best avenue to actualize my desires of being a manager and policymaker in the public health sector.

It is my sincere hope that my personal statement will garner me an opportunity in your reputable academic institution. Thank you.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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