Application to Florida International University – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "Application to Florida International University" is a great example of a personal statement on law. I immensely appreciate that you have taken your time to look at my application for admission to law school. This personal statement seeks to provide information that can help you understand me better and accept me into the school. It provides you with my achievements, other than academics, which make me a good candidate to pursue a Ph. D. in your institution. The achievements I have highlighted show the great potential in me that I can improve if accorded the opportunity to do so at your university.

I respect and admire the Florida International University, and that’ s why I seek to undertake my education through the university’ s school of law. I was born in Haiti where schooling in the early days of my life was an experience no one would wish to repeat. The mode of transport to school is always on foot. My dream as a child has always been to become a diplomat or an attorney at law. In Haiti, the hope of achieving this dream became a nightmare.

When I moved into the United States of America, I could almost see the actualization of my childhood dream. I have engaged in numerous activities here, but I have not lost the desire to become an attorney or a diplomat. These activities, I believe, have played a major role in encouraging me towards studying law. The activities, I engaged in, can help me a lot if I am selected into the law school of this university. Service in the army has provided me with the chance to serve the country that helped me get a decent life.

Discipline is a core virtue which military officers are trained to maintain. I learned to keep discipline in any activity that I undertake from my military experience. This would be an advantage for me if accepted into the school of law. I would apply the same virtue towards my studies to ensure impressive results always. Academic performance can always be enhanced if one puts enough effort and has the discipline to maintain the effort. My high discipline level led to promotion within the army ranks.

I left the army when I realized that there was much I could do if I had a higher education. This desire for higher education is still what I seek to actualize if admitted to the law school. I am a member of the NAACP Collier County. As a member, I have made it my commitment to make all Haitian-Americans to be involved in the democratic process. I do this to the eligible citizen voters by making them aware of their voting rights and asking for changes in their community.

This commitment has driven me to seek formal education in the field of law. Much of the information I use has been learned from magazines and other locally available sources. This commitment has helped me gain valuable information about citizens’ rights. What I lack is the finesse that comes with academic training in law. If I am accepted to the school of law, I believe that I shall acquire that finesse. This dedication has provided me with a background in law. The knowledge acquired here would be of great assistance in my studies at the school of law.

Some of my duties at the Social Security Administration include providing translations to the non-English speaking individuals. My knowledge of the French language helps me perform my duties effectively. This has led me to be seen as a definite advocate of the Haitian community of Southwest Florida. Here, I also explain to the people their benefit rights as social security number holders in America. On top of explaining the rights, I also do follow-ups to ensure they receive the deserved and desired services.

I have been through the years been able to perform these duties efficiently, though I lack academic qualification in the field of law. If my application to the Florida International University School of law is accepted, my career will be greatly enhanced. Professionalism forms the core of any service delivery career. Through a deeper understanding of the law acquired by studies, I shall be able to deliver better and professional information. My experience in dealing with people from foreign backgrounds can be of much importance during my studies.

My desire to become an attorney or a diplomat still remains a dream. When my admission application to the school of law is accepted, this dream shall be actualized. I strongly believe that I fit well into the standards expected of me by the school of law.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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