International Events Management at University of Surrey – Personal Statement Example

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The paper “ International Events Management at the University of Surrey" is a sapid version of a personal statement on management. The world is actually advancing fast in the field of events management at the global level. It, therefore, becomes necessary to have a broad and polished worldwide outlook in international events management. One of the best institutions that offer well-trained events organizers through detailed training and examining is the University of Surrey. The school has been said to offer some of the best modules that make it easy for learners to understand the operations of the events industry with ease as they learn how to plan and manage different world-class events.

The university has also been said to give out opportunities to develop the knowledge and skills that relate to the international events industry and provides an opportunity to learners to know how to handle the different problems that organizers face in their professional world today. It is on the above aspects that I hope to acquire my master’ s degree in international events management from this university to get firsthand information from reputable professors and lecturers who are armed with reliable events management skills and knowledge plus an unbeaten experience in the events managing the industry.

I am hopeful that on completing the course that in most cases is challenging, needs a lot of creativity and requires real-world assessments, I will be in a position to make designs, plan, organize for staging and finally evaluate different events. I also believe that I will have acquired the relevant experience needed to carry out live events by myself. From my childhood years, I was inspired to pursue a career in events management that was drawn from some of the excellent media shows that in most cases hosted well-organized shows and events from all over the world.

The passion and zeal with which the companies that hosted high profile events organized themselves and arranged the events program made me feel there was a niche in the industry that needed to be identified and come up with a better way of addressing the gap through quality education. I also gained ideas and skills related to events management through reading books and interviews done by the event organizers.

I sometimes went a step further and acquired first-hand information from the organizers alone so that I get to understand the industry well. The recognition of the events organizing people being limited by their qualifications in the industry has pushed me to make a decision to pursue this master’ s degree in international events management. Most of the event organizers solely depend on their college degree and their diligence to perform their duties. On completing my studies, I hope to help them in solving the problems that they face in their professions today. I am enrolled currently for an undergraduate degree in Quantity Surveying from the University of Reading.

In my current studies, I have attended classes in fundamental principles of economics, management, and law, technical principles of building design and construction during my first year of study. On my second year, I focused on building the modules done during my first year of study while emphasizing on the practical bit to the real construction industry. Currently, am taking modules in events organizing as it is what my heart has been yearning since my early age and I want to be one of the events organizing professionals in the near future.

Throughout my university education, I have been making good relationships and positive attitude with whom we share class and the professors who teach me too through my knowledge of the importance of good communication in the events management industry. It is through the class efforts that I have gained precious experience and knowledge that is of great use in my future events management jobs that will require the skills I develop while at school. To finalize, it is my hope that in future, with the guidance of the highly learned and experienced professors and lecturers at the University of Surrey, I will  have systematically cultured my sole thinking and my research capabilities in the events management industry.

I ultimately plan to carry out my duties as a qualified events manager in the international platform being convinced that, studying together with the dedicated professors, lecturers and students in your university, I will be able to connect with informative research and get a more stable academic foundation.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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