Application for MSc Global Meetings and Events Management – Personal Statement Example

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The paper “ Application for MSc Global Meetings and Events Management" is a fascinating example of a personal statement on management. The author argues that in an increasingly competitive global environment, candidates for higher positions in the organizational hierarchy possess greater advantages when equipped with a postgraduate degree. I am hereby earmarking to pursue an MSc Global Meetings and Events Management program from the University College Birmingham to gain advanced theoretical framework in the global meetings and events industry – a field of discipline I intend to specialize in. The specific course is selected for the reason that the events industry has provided immense opportunities for professional growth.

Global trends exhibit increasing proliferation of unprecedented growth in global meetings and events from contemporary organizations of a universal sphere. With corporations venturing into international markets, the demand of events specialists that extend beyond local boundaries evidently increase. As such, I envision graduating from the program to be an instrumental contributor to the dynamic global meetings and events industry through the knowledge and skills gained from the course. I have pursued a dual honor degree in BA Marketing and Human Resource Management (HRM) from Keele University.

I strongly believe that the modules taken would assist in the intended postgraduate course through specific areas taken, such as Industrial Relations, Globalisation, and Global Labour Regulation which provide crucial theoretical overviews to facilitate the application of knowledge in Events Project Management and Events Tourism modules of the MSc Global Meetings and Events Management program. In addition, as a competent graduate in the field of HRM, I am now more competent in concepts on managing human resources which is a paramount ingredient in the module on Strategy for Meetings and Events.

The lessons learned about motivating personnel, team building, conflict resolution, and change management are expected to be relevant to the course. Finally, the course module on The Employment Relationship and the Law, as well as Discrimination and Equal Opportunities at Work provided the needed theories that would engage me in the discussion on Sustainability and Ethics in Events which is expected to present ethical and moral standards to ensure successful events management. From my first degree, I have gained academic skills in interpersonal relationships, designing motivational and incentive programs, address conflicts through negotiation, managing change in a dynamic environment, and being more proficient through verbal and written communication.

Likewise, my marketing courses enabled me to gain a more in-depth understanding of target markets and the design of strategies to meet the demands of an increasingly discerning global clientele. As such, these skills are highly related to the MSc Global Meetings and Events Management program through awareness of the target market and the need to address their demands. As an individual with diverse interests and skills, I can offer and share the knowledge and expertise gained in the field of HRM, as well as skills in cultural competence and awareness; which is deemed crucial in a global environment.

I have gained proficiency in Spanish and Chinese is my native language. Being multilingual is relevant in the intended course since knowledge of foreign languages are considered plus factors when the responsibilities entail coordinating and transacting with people from other cultural orientations. Likewise, my attendance to the Keele career service enabled improving interpersonal, communication, and marketing skills through interaction with diverse employers in the fields of marketing and HRM.

These skills would provide the needed theoretical and practical backgrounds as one envisions enrolling in the modules of Strategy for Meetings and Events, as well as in Events Project Management. My future goal is to become part of a dynamic organization belonging to the global meetings and events industry. I foresee the industry to be an immensely growing sector that would provide vast opportunities for personal and professional development. I plan to rise along the organizational hierarchy within three years upon employment through the knowledge and skills gained from the MSc Global Meetings and Events Management program offered by a prestigious educational institution: the University College Birmingham.

I am therefore optimistic that the postgraduate course would enable me to attain my goals in life and become a productive member of the global society.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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