Bachelors Degree with a Major in Advertising – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "Bachelors Degree with a Major in Advertising" is a great example of a personal statement on marketing. At seventeen years old, I have been entrusted by my parents a huge responsibility in our family business. While other teenagers may age see this to be something that is too much for parents to ask for, I consider it as a challenge instead. Whatever the reasons my parents have when they handed me over such responsibilities in our business at such a young age, I could not deny the reality that my family believes in me that much that they wanted me to play an important role in making our family business become more successful in the future.

This once in a lifetime chance to prove my worth to my family is everything I would not allow to be wasted. I could not afford to fail my family, thus I am determined to do the best I can in order to contribute to the success of our own business.   After graduating from high school, I went to a community college to take an Associate degree.

I was getting along pretty well with the new routine as well as the learning strategies that were far different from what I got used to in high school. As days passed, my responsibilities as a student and as an employee in the silver jewelry business my family operates had progressed at a different level. Whilst I was enjoying the duties that were assigned to me, my anxiety on how I would be able to improve my craft in order to make myself even more useful to my family’ s business.

Marketing the company’ s products worldwide demands for the appropriate knowledge and skills to effectively promote these products to potential distributors and clients. My role in the company revolves around advertising our products and developing promotions that would further increase the sales of the silver jewelry we produce. Even though I have just begun in the chosen field I wished to pursue my associate degree, I could tell that this would not be able to help me enhance the knowledge and skills that are deemed necessary for the role that I am entrusted to perform in the family’ s business.

In addition, as I get used to the tasks that have been given to me in the company, I have already developed my genuine interest in pursuing my own advertising agency in the future. At this point, I realize that the curriculum of the associate degree that I have been taking right now may not be sufficient enough to get me prepared for bigger responsibilities that I may have in the future in our family’ s business as well as my own business in the future.

The complex roles that I would soon face require an in-depth understanding of the world of business advertising, which is not covered in my recent AA course. As of the moment, some of the specific roles I play in the company include promoting our store through the company’ s official website, participating in various local, national, and international jewelry exhibitions, as well as designing the company brochures. All of these have not even been covered just yet in our associate degree’ s curriculum. Although I have learned the ropes of doing such tasks through experience, I still find it necessary to learn the theories and strategies of managing the various methods of advertising.

Since I have been assigned to represent the company in various events internationally, obtaining a Bachelor’ s degree instead of associate in arts would provide me with the wisdom and essential training ground where I would be able to sharpen the skills that are vital for our family business to grow as further as catering to bigger international clients, especially in highly developed counties such as the United States and Europe.

A few more years added to getting into a university for a bachelor’ s degree in advertising, I am confident that I will be able to understand the complex world of advertising. Although I have been able to manage the promotional campaigns and various media advertisements entrusted to me, I admit that there is still a vast of information I do not understand about my roles that I should not ignore should I wish to keep our family business going for almost forever. The theories of advertising and its application are just a few of the fundamentals I hope to understand in this associate in arts major.

Individuals in the society have different behaviors thus it is difficult to identify the most appropriate strategy in promoting a certain product. If I am able to understand these behaviors and identify which of these behaviors dominate in society, it would be a lot easier for me to create advertising campaigns and promotional strategies that effective. It is only at this point in my life that I felt sure about the path I hope to tread.

I believe that pursuing a bachelor’ s degree with a major in advertising would give me the knowledge and understanding I need to prove myself worthy of the faith my family had in me when they allowed me to work with them at such a young age. Furthermore, it would as well provide me with a much bigger chance of exploring the possibilities of putting up my own advertising business.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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