Physician Assistant Programs Versatility and Flexibility – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "Physician Assistant Programs Versatility and Flexibility" is a great example of a personal statement on medical science. It is said that today is a present and a gift that should be embraced enthusiastically. Thus it is one's duty to fill that given day with an optimistic as well as a meaningful purpose. One of the most inspirational statements that really made me want to be a Physician Assistant is by William James that says, “ The most important thing in life is to live your life for something more important than your life. ” This statement has always inspired me and it’ s my hope that I will offer quality health care especially to the underprivileged as a Physician Assistant.   During my growing up, my grandmother was frequently hospitalized and most of the time I would visit her to the physicians’ apartments, where I would witness their immense assistance to help her regain her health.

The kind of help extended to my grandmother by these physicians really influenced me from an early age and made me develop a deep desire to help people just like them.

Naturally, we would interact now and then and one particular physician took notice of my keenness and interest in everything they did to her and would frequently take me to the hospital with him. Because I used a lot of my time interacting with these physicians, nurses and other hospital staff, I naturally fell in love with the hospital environment and was amazed particularly by the big heart of these people. The suffering experienced by my grandmother and other patients really affected me and as a young kid, I used to feel very sorry for them.

I was very curious to know where they were suffering from, how they were being treated and what I could do to help. I remember having so many questions to ask the physicians attending to my grandmother and this yearning to learn more about patients and medicine has only grown over time. As a young person, I was lucky to work as a medical assistant in addition to volunteering at the American Red Cross as well as the Veterans Foundation.

These experiences particularly helped me shadow medical professionals in addition to getting an opportunity to ask questions. Consequently; through these experiences, I was able to get a much deeper understanding of medicine as a career. I especially learned how a physician takes part in numerous different relationships with other doctors, patients, nurses care, givers, social workers as well as insurance carriers and hospital administrators. Most of the time these relationships can be hard to balance and at times it becomes necessary to consider one relationship over the other.

During my time as a medical assistant, I also learned that the ability to concisely and clearly communicate is the key to the effectiveness of a physicians’ relationship with their patients. I have since then been working to enhance my communication skills. I can for instance, now be able to present information successfully since I must reword and reorganize complex ideas into terms that can be understood by fellow medics and patients together with their relations. It’ s while working as a medical assistant that I discovered a career as a PA.

From the time I was young as I have described above, I have always loved the complexities of medicine and have been captivated by a profession in the medical field. Pursuance to this dream, I decided to confide in one of the resident physicians in the hospital. He introduced me to the responsibilities of a physician assistant. It was then afterward, that I plunged myself into research and was surprised to discover that several of the persons I had worked with were actually Physician Assistants. I also interacted with nurse practitioners, physical therapists, physician assistants, and other hospital staff.

From then onwards, I befriended one of the Physician Assistants and frequently visited him at the hospital and was greatly impressed by his noteworthy degree of patient interaction as well as his capability to work both autonomously and together with other medics such as physicians and nurses. In conclusion, I very much admired the Physician Assistant program’ s versatility and flexibility, especially the fact that it allows one to change specialties if one so wished. I, therefore, started focusing my attention and energies towards becoming a Physician Assistant.

Being a people-focused person as well as an independent thinker, I believe that I am well placed, not only for a medical field career but also for a lifetime profession as a Physician Assistant.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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