PhD Admission in Quality Control, System Management, and Logistics Supply Chain Management – Personal Statement Example

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The paper “ Ph. D. Admission in Quality Control, System Management, and Logistics Supply Chain Management" is an intriguing example of a personal statement on  management. I wondered why some people preferred one product or service over another. In addition, the idea that I had a favorite drink during childhood made me fascinated that a business enterprise could produce the same product consistently. I had the passion for studying issues of quality control; system management and logistics supply chain management. Given that most of the businesses had been in operation for a long duration and were still making huge profits, it enhanced my desire to study system management and logistics. The motivation to become part of the talented and skilled personnel in such organizations made education my passion as I worked to attain the dream.

For this reason, I currently possess a Bachelor of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, GPA 3.03 in business school AACSB from Murray State University and a Master’ s degree. My next vision is to obtain my Ph. D. in the same field to ensure that loyal and new customers continue to enjoy excellent products and services from different organizations in relation to persistence.

It will act as an imperative venture towards the attainment of my lifelong passion. The principle interest in logistics, system and supply chain management was enhanced during sixth grade when business became my best subjects. I realized that the success of a business was influenced by the operations of its manager and especially the desire to produce high quality with the aim of customer satisfaction. I noticed the series of challenges faced by most businesses during my undergraduate studies.

As I progressed, I discovered that I was more interested in the technical part of management and made the decision to take a masters course in Applied Engineering in Industrial in Technology Management in 2014. From this, I gained better insights into the different business strategies and measures that can be employed for the smooth running and operation of any business. I started work as a junior employee and it acted as a motivational tool to reach a supervisory level as a greater desire was built from the experience and desire to lead a higher management level.

I have worked in three different organizations in Dubai with 12 years of working experience in business and government environment. All through my working experience, I was involved in several supervisory and management activities that aim at attaining the objectives of the organization. My main duties included directing of supply systems and chain logistics to establish proper control measures. I applied some of the courses that I completed in my Master’ s degree to contribute to a major project for the Dubai government.

These include quality control, system management, industrial operation, supervision, engineering economic analysis and leadership, and change management. The company was able to accomplish face one land reclamation for Port Rashid Redevelopment project by a company in the Netherlands. I am a member of the PMI- project management institution and a certified trade and logistics professional by the charter institution in the UK. I have thus earned several awards and made a number of accomplishments in my line of duty. I got this position to pursue my Ph. D. studies in the form of a scholarship from UAE University, where I was working as a teaching assistant.

The program was funded by the UAE government since I have been working at the university as an assistant professor. Therefore, the main reason for this application is to study my Ph. D. which will help me in assisting other people in the community. I am an enthusiastic individual and a logical thinker in the fields related to management and chain supply of business systems to maintain and improve quality. I will be in a position to work with my course mates and professors to find varied solutions to business challenges.

In this way, I will not only be developing my career but also helping others develop their professions. The course would help me to gain more experiences in the area of development in addition to gaining more research and working experience related to the field. It will also be a great entry point as it is highly based on research and motivation. My main points of preparation are the Dubai government hosting an international event expo that will be held in 2020.I hope to attain a more senior position through which I can apply the numerous skills and knowledge acquired in the field of quality control.

Given that being a professional in logistic supply chain management and system management, I will be humbled to join the elite people in our line of profession. I will also use the opportunity to give the necessary attention to detail and to provide the best personal attributes towards the success of the organization (Stewart 1-128). I believe that if offered a chance to study at the university, I will tackle more relevant courses that will include research, to help me attain the appropriate educational quality control and logistics skills.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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