Passion for Business – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "Passion for Business" is a wonderful example of a personal statement on business. At a very tender age, I knew I had a great passion for business. I did all sorts of things just to get a little ‘ pocket money’ . Growing up in such a large city, Baku in Azerbaijan, there were unending opportunities in the tourism sector given the high tourism attractions endowment of Baku city. I remember at the age of ten years, I imposed myself as a tour guide and I charged the tourists extra. I also remember starting my own lemonade stand in the summer.

I would even sell items for people with big businesses at a commission. By the time I was thirteen, I already owned a small make-shift store in the big city. It didn’ t earn much but it gave me enough. The business has always been in my blood. It’ s as if I was naturally talented in businesswise. That is why after I studied my bachelor’ s degree at Baku Gafgaz University, I knew right away that I wanted to join to business school.

I decided to come to London to study a course that would give me a foundation in Business.   At the age of eighteen years, I have accomplished so much. As a young freshman at Baku Gafgaz University, I took up many leadership roles in the institution. I was a member of the leadership team in the Languages Student Association where I was also involved in organizing volunteering activities such as planting trees. During my stay at the university, I acquired a wide range of interpersonal skills such as working together as a team, managerial skills and how to relate well with people.

The university basically prepared me for the outside world. When I moved to London, I had to look for a part-time job in order to sustain myself. I got a job at a hotel as a hotel attendant. I have to admit it was a bit hard trying to juggle education and work but with the motivation to do better in life, I was able to do it all. The job allowed me to interact with different kinds of people and share in their culture made me a better and culturally diverse person.

My abilities to work with people as a team was also tested and I aced the test. I also became excellent at time management. At the Into City university foundation, which was ranked in the top five percent of all the world universities in the 2013-2014 rankings. I have studied Business, economics with accounting. I have been prepared for an  undergraduate degree in areas such as economics, banking, and international finance and management. Through this I have acquired outstanding skills in business through the course units I have done.

This has provided an exceptional foundation for business. I have also studied an international foundation course unit, which coaches on the English language, at the institution enabling me to perfect my English skills. I also have an excellent GPA showing that I fully understand my course and have a perfect foundation for business. During my study at the INTO City university foundation, I have joined several clubs and societies such as the Debating Society, Volunteering Society, and the Literature Club.

The literature club has enhanced my English and communication skills. I can now say doubtlessly that I am a superb English speaker compared to when I joined the university. The debating society has also helped me boost my confidence and argumentative skills. The volunteering society interested me greatly because of my huge interest and passion for volunteering. I have volunteered in certain city projects such as the City Karting project dealing with Engineering. Though not in my field of study, the project gave me skills such as innovativeness and keenness, which I used during the entire project with the guidance of experts.

I have also been through several internships. I remember working with a small business as an accounts clerk I reckon been praised tremendously for being very hardworking and delivering quality work. In addition, I worked as a cashier in a restaurant from I acquired first-rate customer relation skills, which improved my accounting skills and accountability, being responsible for a huge amount of money. These internships helped me improve on what I had learned in class, therefore, making me a better-placed candidate for Business School.

I have attended several workshops within and out of the institution. The school offers a wide range of workshops such as successful interviews, effective applications and presentation skills that are administered by career consultants individually and within courses during the spring and autumn terms. I have never failed to attend a single one of them. In these workshops, major employers hold presentations, attend fairs and run lunchtime sessions. I am therefore armed with exceptional skills making excellent job applications and excelling in interviews.

This has been seen in the fact that I have been able to secure several internships and done a commendable job. Most of these workshops have definitely improved my foundation in business.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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