Masters Degree in the Field of Economics – Personal Statement Example

Personal ment Life had been very vibrant for me, as I have seen it from many dimensions. I am very passionate to do some innovative work for my country. I have got strong academic background and professional experience of working with my seniors. I have done my graduation from Syracuse University, majors in economics. During my undergraduate degree I have got chance to study graduate courses taught by foreign teachers. These advanced courses help me identify and understand economical perspectives more clearly. Apart, my economics I am highly interested in learning Mathematics, I have done several Mathematic courses including Pre-calculus, calculus I, calculus II, calculus and some other important courses as well. Additionally, four years back I have learned Chinese Economics course from Renmin University, where my teachers and other class mates were very impressed with my intelligence. It was because within short time, I completely developed great sense of understanding all important aspects of this course. Not only this, but I have always actively participated in all class activities.
Moreover, since childhood I have been very interested in reading a variety of books. My great interest of learning all subjects related to economics developed a passion to search for books related to my field. Also, the comfortable learning environment of college helps me recognize the importance of other subjects like psychology and history. Furthermore, I have good experience of working in Economic Science Press as an Assistant Editor. During my internship, I used to help out my manager to proofread books like "The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics", and "Hotspot" etc. In that famous publishing house of China, I worked with great dedication and liability. I have learned to work with the team through good communication skills and talent of developing trust with each member of the team.
Also, I have work as Ballroom Teaching Assistant at Syracuse in New York, the United States. It was a non pay job, where I used to go to class every week and spent around three hours to help new dance members. It made me know more people in the class and learnt to develop good communication skills and skills of working in a team with Great Spirit. As an intern, I have worked in Oracle Company, it is a computer company. Here, I got chance to learn a lot about computer technicalities and other computer software programs including operating system, MS Office and adobe Photoshop. I am proud to work in such an organization because that was exceptionally great experience for me. My working experience taught me the use of positive approaches, when things are on conflicting sides to your expectations and dreams.
I have learned that only few lucky people in a crowd can recognize the importance of being compassionate and determined to attain the targeted goals. As a volunteer, I have worked for some educational programs as well for which, I believe that life has taught me to take right decision at right time. Therefore, I desire to continue my studies further in the field of economics. I am looking forward to get positive response from your University`s authoritarian bodies so that I can complete my Masters degree in the desired field.