Finance and Banking Program in Xiamen University – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "Finance and Banking Program at Xiamen University" is a worthy example of a personal statement on finance and accounting. All endeavors are undertaken for a specific purpose. Contemporary are accorded the privilege of selecting from a wide variety of academic programs and courses catering to their unique interests and skills. As an international student, predominantly raised in China, I am privileged to be accorded the opportunity to complete a three-year study in Finance and Banking in Xiamen University and then pursue a one-year study in Business and Management in Hull University, as an exchange student.

I can achieve both bachelor degrees after I complete the final year study in Hull. I have always been intrigued by the interrelated concepts and dimensions that influence the holistic development of organizations. It is a field of endeavor with vast opportunities and challenges which can shape and direct ways to hone personnel skills to assist them in the achievement of organizational goals. As a potential professional in the field of business and management, to be accorded the privilege to pursue higher education through a program in (Name of Program) from (Name of University) is truly the culmination of a long-time dream. I was previously connected with PU HE Accounting Firm, Ltd.

Xiamen Branch, an accounting firm in Fujian Province, P.R China, as an assistant to the Association of Chartered Certified Accountant. My responsibilities include data collection and analysis of the investment, management review of accounting and tax, and evaluating the risk to the investment, among others. Previous to this employment, I was an assistant to the training instructor tasked with collecting and collating case data, checking the courseware, and returning visits to the customers at Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd.

Xiamen Branch, an insurance firm. During school life at Xiamen University, I used to be elected as a captain which I consider a very rewarding experience. By being a spokesperson, my mission was to represent the views of my classmates and it brought me more than I was expected. In fact, those responsibilities taught me how to be more mature, developed my communication skills which are essential for business and management. I was particularly interested in singing as I have been blessed with a good voice.

I had the initiative to personally organize a Charity Concert which raised 13,525 Yuan for college students who have difficulty in paying their tuition fees in 2006. I had been athletic, frequently joining in basketball games and taking part in the city’ s Atletico game on behalf of Xiamen University. I am also fond of reading economics biographies and essays about the management in my spare time which I regard as informative and very rewarding. Business is an intricate and fast-paced field which has challenging employment options.

The career opportunities and qualified candidates are so enormous that organizations become highly selective in choosing competent aspirants to various positions. Looking forward to graduating with degrees in Business and Management, concurrent with Finance and Banking, I am aware that professional movement in these specialized fields is easily maximized. I would like to explore the potentials of heading other departments – not only to be confined to Business Management. The extensive responsibilities and functions assigned to managers and financial practitioners are highly motivating and enticing that professionalizing this field is a viable move. In this regard, I am enthusiastic that my background would enable me to design innovative information management strategies which would improve the application of business management standards and methods for organizations through the vast applications available from business and finance.

It has always been my dream and long-term goal to position myself as a leading business solution expert with diverse applications in my future employment. Global corporations are currently experiencing an increased demand for business management and financial services accorded by individuals of my background.

In this regard, by pursuing the postgraduate degree from your institution, I would finally integrate my business acumen to a more specialized career in business. This would eventually fulfill my promise to return the generosity accorded by highly professional educational institutions like yours by unselfishly sharing the expertise I earned. I am a dynamic worker who is flexible, hardworking and can learn new tasks easily. My job responsibilities actually encompass applying accounting methods and procedures, delving into administrative tasks, interrelating theories and applications on human resources management, financial analyses, and computer processing and applications.

I plan to go into diverse fields of endeavor for both personal and professional development. I would like to expand into other areas such as entrepreneurship, international business, human resources management, risk management, technology, aside from my priority in finance. I am convinced that the university would provide the discipline and focus to enhance the talents I have in my current profession. The transition will stipulate the perspectives to develop practical and professional skills that I need to sustain and succeed in this endeavor.

I am confident that both educational background and experiences are not enough to make me a highly competent accountant and manager. (Name of University) would inculcate the necessary ingredients to hone me into a professional manager, genuinely loving and sharing my craft. I am humbly seeking for your evaluation of my credentials to assess my eligibility in the program I strive to pursue. I look forward to being humbly included in your prestigious academic institution’ s roster of successful candidates for its prestigious program in (Name of Program).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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