Applying to King Abdullah University of Science and Technology – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "Applying to King Abdullah University of Science and Technology" is a great example of a personal statement on chemistry. Coming from a country shattered by more than three decades of war, I have been a witness to the destruction, poverty, and agony that befell my fellow countrymen. In addition to the obvious destruction of my country’ s infrastructure and heritage, war’ s repercussions are also felt in the health care system, particularly the quality of medication available to citizens. Due to the lack of pharmaceutical industries and poor quality control in Afghanistan, the import of expired drugs became increasingly profound in the country.

The consumption of such drugs has conventionally led to numerous health hazards.   I was born in Kabul (a decade  after Russians came to my country) and took my earlier studies there. Chemistry has always been my favorite subject. I remember I used to mix different things just to see what would happen. One day, my cousin and I saw two bottles containing some liquid in garbage hit each other and break. The liquids reacted and produced white fumes.

I was moved by that scene and I wanted to know why that happened. So I began experiments. I used to take my mom’ s cosmetics, dad’ s bottle of I-don’ t-remember-what and mix them just to see how they would react! ! That way, I studied a lot of materials without knowing that what I was doing was actually science! ! Then as I grew up I found myself to be very good at Chemistry and even at times I knew more than my teacher! I lived in Afghanistan from birth till 1991. After that, my family and I moved to Pakistan because the civil war had commenced in Afghanistan.

In 2002, I completed Matriculation from Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Islamabad. By that time, the new government was in power in Afghanistan and my father was posted to Dhaka, Bangladesh. I finished my college studies (A’ level Edexcel International) there and started my first year of B. Pharm at Southeast University. Then we returned to Afghanistan in 2006 and I continued with my studies there. I joined Kabul University for graduation. I represented Afghanistan in SAARC nations in 2009.

In the same year, I was selected by my university to meet the Norwegian ambassador in order to convince him to contribute to the development of Kabul University. I also attended the Canadian student association(teleconference) 2009- to discuss the differences in various education levels. I finally graduated as a Pharm. D from Kabul University in January 2010. Now I want to join the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology for the following reasons: I want to study Chemical Science because I have a natural aptitude for it.

Chemistry focuses on the scientific study of techniques for analyzing and describing matter, including its precise composition and the interrelationships of constituent elements and compounds which include instruction in spectroscopy, chromatography, atomic absorption, photometry, chemical modeling, mathematical analysis, laboratory analysis procedures and equipment maintenance, and applications to specific research, industrial and health problems. I want to be involved in pharmaceutical research and development of medical products, in order to provide improved health for patients around the world. I want to engage myself in providing analytical support to assist in the discovery of novel potential therapeutics, and once discovery has been optimized, towards analytical development to support clinical development through to completion of a new drug application (NDA). The pharmaceutical background that I come from has enhanced my interest and further broadened my knowledge in the chemical analysis.

For a while, I thought I should take my masters in Clinical Pharmacy (because of its high demand). However, having considered my interests in Chemistry and Analytical Science, I realized that I have a passion for laboratory research and experimental work.

In the lab, I truly feel like I can discover anything. So I work more efficiently. I have particularly enjoyed the problem-solving nature of chemical equilibria and entropy topics and am fascinated by the complexity of organic chemistry. By doing my master in the field of Chemistry, I shall be able to gain more knowledge and understand how the structure of organic molecules relates to their chemical reactions and how this can be employed usefully in the pharmaceutical industry. Since I am a Pharmacist, controlling the quality of medicine is my job. Given these conditions, an MSc program in Analytical Chemistry would be a big step ahead.

There is a wide range of jobs for a chemist, especially Analytical Chemist from product analysis to making new chemicals (synthetic chemistry). By increasing my knowledge in Analytical Chemistry, I shall be able to perform the necessary analysis and help my country import good quality medicines. This way, I shall be able to play my part in providing my country with better health facilities. I chose to study in KAUST because it is clear from its website that being part of KAUST, I shall have a great opportunity for research.

I shall be able to work along with studies which will enhance my capabilities as a researcher. Studying and learning in a friendly environment is a dream of every student who is applying for higher education, and I have heard from friends that KAUST provides the students with the most appropriate environment that is conducive to nurturing their academic and professional skills. I believe that studying at KAUST will stretch me and provide further challenges that I am keen to take on.

I am a motivated, responsible, mature and determined person and am certain that chemical science is the right course for me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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