Masters and a PhD Degree Program in Marketing at Business School – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "Masters and a Ph. D. Degree Program in Marketing at Business School " is a perfect example of a personal statement on marketing. I am a lecturer currently teaching at Umm Al Qura in Saudi Arabia in the faculty of home management. Umm Al Qura University was established in 1981 as a Public University located in Mecca in Saudi Arabia. I am interested in doing my research at Norton Business School, which includes research in masters and a Ph. D. degree program in marketing. My reason for wanting to expand my base of knowledge is that the current faculty of home management in Umm Al Qura University will be developed to include all aspects of management.

I am currently pursuing a master’ s degree program in marketing in Australia, which I will be completing in April. Ever since I started my master’ s degree, I have been fascinated by the marketing profession, thus, my decision to major in the subject to broaden my understanding. My colleagues and family were not surprised when I revealed to them to further my knowledge in the field of marketing.

Individuals who are close to me understand how passionate I am in the marketing field, and my students understand that as well. My reason for taking a particular interest in Norton Business School as the institution where I would like to further my studies and do my research is because I believe in the rich history and the academic excellence the school has experienced over the years. These factors, combined with the excellent facilities that Norton Business School enjoys, would better place me to achieve what is required of me in my research since the environment would be conducive.

The advanced marketing degree offered by Norton Business School is programmed at providing an enlightened level of understanding in relation to marketing. I am currently training in advertising (client service) in Saudi Arabia for one year. I have experienced the intellectual stimulation in my training and home management classes and that is what made me begin to consider advancing my field of knowledge in the field of marketing. Interacting with my fellow classmates, work colleagues and experts from the marketing field has given me a unique opportunity and a further insight into the marketing field.

My marketing experiences and knowledge extends well beyond the classroom walls. I have been fortunate to meet the key industry players in the marketing field in Saudi Arabia and The Middle East as a whole. This has helped me expand my knowledge and understanding of the markets, including the driving force and the emerging trends and players not only in my country but also in the Middle East. Much of the success I have so far realized in my career is because of the wonderful support I have received all my life from my family and friends.

My decision to further my studies has been well received by people who are important to me in my life. The field of marketing attracts me since I find it fascinating and practical in how we apply it in our everyday lives, and how the decisions made in the marketing field affect the economy and our lives. My motivation for applying to Norton Business School is driven by the desire of a strong academic program that will expose me to a broad marketing environment and knowledge.

I look forward to the opportunity to undertake my research studies at Norton Business School.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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