Masters Program in Business Administration – Personal Statement Example

The paper “Masters Program in Business Administration" is an exciting example of a personal statement on management. My career interest in managing other subordinates in a multinational organization has grown over the years. Besides management, my main objective has been to serve the people and make a change in society. This is through using my position to ensure that the organization participates in corporate social responsibility. I have always believed that organizations have a role to play in improving the lives of the less fortunate people in society. This is through setting part of their revenues to support various projects such as promoting education.
During my undergraduate placement program, I came to realize that I need to improve my communication skills in order to manage the subordinates effectively. With the increasing levels of globalization, the organizations are ensuring that they have a diversified workforce in order to tackle the dynamic challenges that are facing them. Joining Florida International University will provide me with an opportunity to interact with students who emanate from different parts of the world. The university is characterized by a multicultural population of students. As a result, I will learn how to handle people from different cultures, religion, race, and gender. This will play a significant role in enabling me to learn how to handle a diversified workforce.
During my undergraduate course, I participated in different forums where we were addressed on different aspects that make a good manager. These have enabled me to interact with different people who have succeeded in a management career. Through such talks, I have been able to learn on different areas that I need to focus on and areas that I need to maximize my effort on. Florida International University will give me a platform to interact with global leaders concerning the topics of leadership. Through various forums, I am looking forward to interacting with high ranked leaders and managers who are already making changes in the current society. This will increase my passion for pursuing my career.
Currently, the market has become very dynamic with different challenges facing the organizations. Therefore, in order to avoid such challenges, research has become an important component of success. As a future manager, I must learn different research methods and how to apply the results in order to improve the operations of the organization. Florida International University is known for having invested heavily in research. Therefore, joining this institution will provide me with a rare opportunity of learning different research methods that are significant in my future career. In addition, I will be able to interact with students whom we share the same dreams and ambitions. This will strengthen my passion towards the management career. Furthermore, it will enable me to understand my strengths and weaknesses in relation to management. I will also be able to learn more about teamwork and how to motivate the rest of the team members.
Joining this institution to undertake a master’s program in business administration will take me closer to my long-term dream. As a result, I am looking forward towards joining the alumni of this institution who are known for their positive contribution towards changing society.