Personal and Professional Interest in Nursing – Personal Statement Example

The paper "Personal and Professional Interest in Nursing" is an excellent example of a personal statement on nursing. I have a personal and professional interest in nursing. I have always wanted to become a nurse since my childhood because it involves care, compassion, and other attributes that ensure quality life to all. I have been admiring how my aunt who is a registered nurse conduct her duties with energy, compassion, and professionalism thus helping many ailing and elderly people to enjoy their lives. I always wanted to join the medical profession to be like her. I have been imitating various nursing techniques and skills while interacting with my friends. Indeed, I changed major to Pre-Nursing upon joining Humboldt State. I volunteered as an independent student at Cedar Sinai Medical Center in Beverly Hills in my first year of college where I worked in a Med/Surgery department. I have also volunteered in LAC+USC Medical center where my desire to become a nurse became stronger and more real. I experienced the need to spend more time with patients and understood different roles in the medical profession where I developed a special interest in nursing. Despite numerous challenges in my pursuit to pass the prerequisites in nursing and immense pressure from my family to finish college in four years, I have consistent determination to pursue a nursing program to the end. I have even changed my minor psychology into my major and transferred to Cal State L.A for convenience. I have a growing interest in fundamental nursing units that include ICU and Med/Surgery Telemetry. I am doing my best to ensure that I achieve high grades in Anatomy, Physiology, and Microbiology courses that are prerequisites in a nursing program. My personality and urge to become a highly qualified and registered nurse will be significant to the nursing profession and to the USC.
Indeed, I can bring a significant input to the nursing profession subject to my lucrative values and adherence to the set nursing standards. Through my uncompromised service excellence, I can guarantee quality health care delivery to a diverse patient population. I adopt a collegial collaboration that allows me to enhance innovation in the medical profession. My commitment to personalizing the KNOWN Service Standards will also be fundamental to the nursing profession. In addition, I will continue to maintain a good and professional working relationship with my colleagues thus deriving a positive contribution and performance in healthcare delivery. Indeed, through compassion and authentic communication, I will be able to establish positive engagements with patients, medical personnel, and affected families that will enhance nursing care in any health facility.
My high integrity and accountability standards will be beneficial to the USC since they will improve performance and professionalism in a specific health facility. I will adopt the Professional Practice Model of the Nurses of USC that defines the nursing practice by defining the methodology of offering and evaluating patient and family-centered care. Moreover, the model will govern the Care Delivery Model/System for the nurses at specific USC centers. Ideally, the model will enable me to pursue collaborative decision-making, evidence-based nursing, and professional development in my nursing career. My utmost respect for the environment and ability to engage others will enable me to establish an effective nursing station that guarantees the privacy, safety, and security of all healthcare stakeholders. I will achieve this by pursuing personal excellence, adhering to KNOWN Service Standards, and engaging in teamwork.