Why I Have Decided to Study Economics – Personal Statement Example

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The paper “ Why I Have Decided to Study Economics" is a persuading example of a personal statement on macro & microeconomics. I was always interested in studying to the best of my potentials. This is the reason why I am always inclined to find out about new aspects of the economy as this helps me to grow and develop my own personality basis. It makes me feel content with who I am and what I can achieve in the coming days and times. On the same token, I have always envisioned success as being a part of the hard work and devotion that is shown on the part of the individual on a consistent basis.

My life is no different where I have always been focused on bringing success to my self and the manner it has been brought about is something that makes me feel elated in entirety. I made my way through at De Anza College by learning Computer Science in China. It was something which paved my way towards Economics because one of the subjects within this course was related to Economics.

It made me feel at ease with the different dimensions and domains of Economics and allowed me to explore it further in the coming days and times. I took more classes in Economics and it soon dawned on me that I had it in me to learn more about the field of Economics. I, therefore, gave my very best towards the field of Economics and learned further. It opened up my pathways and I discerned even further. The amount of learning with the added interest that was taking place was intense and immense at the same time.

I am sure that studies, when linked up with interest, do create the much-required value for the sake of the individual who is making his best within such realms. My case is indeed no different. The classes that I took made me interested in learning towards the nuances of this field so much so that I now I am totally immersed into the idea of making it happen within the Economic settings. It has made me realize how valuable I am for this subject and what I can bring to the fore with my hard work and talent.

I soon realized that I need to learn something related to demand and supply, economic forecasting, economic upheaval, and downtimes, which would help me immensely. Therefore I focused my attention on the field of Economics and started to resurrect my professional basis in the times to come. This is the reason why now I want to study Economics due to several economic subjects and factors because it is a part of me and gives me that immense feeling of success and accomplishment which no other field could provide or could have been my savior in the past.

Since China does not allow a change of major, I am seeking admission to this university with the hope that my interest is given the preference and my success is linked up with the change of major indeed. I am hopeful that if offered an opportunity to showcase my true talents, I will give my best towards learning new avenues of demand and supply, economic indicators and all such factors that essentially come under the field of Economics and to explore my own self in the times to come.

I gain particular interest from the fact that the demand and supply cycles have ruled the roost all over the Economic modules globally. This has made me realize the extent of Economic prowess that exists worldwide. The World Financial Crisis of 2008 is also a case in point under the heading of Economics which encourages me to learn something new, leaving me spellbound with the different nuances of the field of Economics all the same.

As an example, the organization that I join in the future would be the one that will derive its basis from the skills that I embody within my entirety. This is the sole reason why I have come to America since now I want to chase my dream with full throttle. I want to achieve success as it has never been accomplished in the past. Now is the time to make amends to a mistake which I committed when I choose the Computer Science field.

Economics is the way to go as far as my individual personality realms are concerned and I am hopeful that I will be passing out with flying colors one day in the future which would be soon.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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