An Applicant with Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from the University of Dammam Pretends for Admission in the UTSA University of Texas at San Antonio – Personal Statement Example

Your full March 28, Personal ment Here is my personal ment for admission in the UTSA University of Texas at San Antonio. To introduce my academic background, I accomplished my bachelors’ degree in marketing from the University of Dammam in 2011. I am proud to state that I acquired 4.7/5.0 GPA, and was second on the dean’s list. My grades and the GPA show that I am a very hardworking, serious, and determined student, whose main aim is to excel in his field with flying colors.
The inspiration came from my parents. They have raised their kids with strong perseverance and good management. Like them, I am also very hard working, and intend to train myself in various leadership skills, like communication, management, and organization. I have always been a very good student getting positions and certificates. My teachers and professors always considered me a student worthy of reward. I feel that I have enough knowledge and passion to show that I have a craze about going ahead in the marketing industry and contribute to the business market. To maintain my interest, I keep myself updated with market requirements. I have always thought about bringing my knowledge into use that I gained during my bachelors’ degree. I keep on reading related journals, books and magazines, and attend related seminars held in my vicinity. I have always come up fresh, innovative and unique ideas. I have learnt basic computer knowledge and softwares so as to equip myself with the latest technology that may help me in excelling in this field. I have taken different courses in Microsoft office, forms design, networking essentials, and introduction to PLSQL course.
Since I possess this knowledge and passion, I believe that I can be a very learned teacher. I want to be a marketing teacher at some university in my home country. To be one, I must also possess some leadership qualities that I am proud to state that I do. I like to take challenges. I like to transform my weaknesses to strengths. This makes me a good leader. I can work very well in teams and alone as well. I can prove to be an ethical leader for teams, since I plan my work according to rules and standards. I care about team mates; keep in view the goals and objectives; and, have a broad vision regarding the advancement of projects. My leadership qualities have always made me succeed in all projects that I have taken so far during my degree, and I am proud to say that I can be an effective worker for teams on the basis of my personal capabilities. For me, efficient communication is the key to success. I believe in others’ competencies, and know how to motivate them to make the best use of their capabilities. I always volunteer to support others morally and physically in whatever means I can to improve the productivity of the project at hand. I believe in fairness, ethics, and moral standards.
I believe that keeping in view my academic qualification, my personal competencies, and my leadership qualities, the authorities will definitely consider my application for admission in the university. Thanking you in advance.