E-Business Management at Warwick University – Personal Statement Example

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The paper “ E-Business Management at Warwick University" is a motivating example of a personal statement on management. The business world is transforming to adapt to the global economy through the incorporation of global organizational concepts such as e-commerce in business activities. The incorporation of new technology in the management of information systems has transformed ways of business. The transformation is inevitable, as people have an increasing need to conduct their businesses in the most convenient and quickest way possible. As a result, businesses have responded through embracing and implementing efficient and effective e-business strategies for their success.

For this reason, it is relevant for me to study MSc in e-Business Management for the fundamental knowledge applicable in the e-business environment. I considered making an application for my graduate degree because it could improve my career. I have always wanted to further my education that will consequently aid in my career development. Therefore, I considered applying for graduate education. The knowledge and skills that I will acquire will help me improve my position in the acquisition of more career opportunities. An MSc in e-Business Management could give me an advantage in finding a promotion at work and possibly earn a good salary.

However, it is not all about my career, having the MSc could have a positive effect on my personality. This is because it is an investment in myself and it complements my values and goals in life. I made a decision and a choice to study at Warwick University because of its best reputation in the course. The university offers techniques that aid in the evaluation and management of strategic development (“ WMG Full-Time Masters Programme” ).

Such techniques if implemented in e-business organizations, they could be of great benefit. This is because they enable the management of e-business technologies appropriately. Such skills and techniques will help me learn to manage the operations of an organization. In addition, through market analysis, I will be able to incorporate the skills and techniques in developing new products and services.   I am specifically interested in an MSc in e-Business Management because I have experience in the Information Communication Technology sector. I have accomplished various projects, although a few aspects made me realize that I needed to advance my knowledge in e-business management.

In the projects, I was able to determine that I was effective in the identification of errors in the system and I was efficient in communicating such errors to the top management. In addition, my skills in the financial services sector aided me to develop an interest in establishing viable solutions to problems that affect the industry such as financial fraud in organizations. Furthermore, an MSc in e-Business Management will enable me to have an impact on electronic commerce, especially for small and medium enterprises.

Various aspects are of particular interest to me in pursuing the MSc program. One of them is the incorporation of group work in the learning process. This could help me in the development of further confidence as participation will be a key factor. Moreover, the interaction aids in learning from one another as all the students are autonomous thinkers. Additionally, I will be able to increase my professional network that could subsequently increase my chances of finding work in better organizations.

Practical work and industrial visits are interesting areas in the learning environment. They will help me employ the learned skills practically in a working environment, hence an assurance of competence in my area of specialization. My undergraduate program provided me with adequate skills necessary for graduate education. I was a committed member of different clubs that enhanced my leadership skills. This means that if I become an executive manager or self-employed I will be able to manage effectively the human capital. I also gained entrepreneurial skills in my undergraduate that could aid in the formulation of viable projects in the e-business sector.

Moreover, the practical skill gained from the internship program gives me an understanding of how to effectively apply my graduate education in the workplace. Furthermore, I acquired time management skills because I always attended all lectures on time unless I had an emergency. Graduate education will enhance my ability to become a time steward through the training offered. I am determined that a postgraduate degree in e-Business Management is the right undertaking in the achievement and accomplishment of my ambitions.

I have no doubt that the University of Warwick will deliver due to its academic excellence, its prominence on e-business concepts, and provision of industry-oriented knowledge. In particular, the MSc in e-Business Management will provide me with the necessary skills for application in the technology and financial industry. I intend to capitalize on the potential of the MSc program to achieve my aspirations.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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