Why I Would Like to Enter into Dietetics Profession – Personal Statement Example

Personal ment Why I would like to enter into Dietetics Profession Dietitians specialize in food and nutrition. They give advice to people on thefoods to eat in order to live healthy or achieve a health related goal. I have chosen to venture into this profession because I have a passion in helping people of all ages and walks of life. Poor choice of foods has led to health issues such as obesity, diabetes and many other complications that could be avoided. By studying dietetics I would understand how to aid people in their eating habits so that they can lead a healthy lifestyle. I love designing meal plans for other people and this course will enable me to do this professionally.
Children are the most affected by poor nutrition and my preference is working with the children. I have an ambition of starting an organization that will aid in advising children in what to eat in order to lead a healthy life. This course will equip me with the necessary knowledge and skills to accomplish this. This course require team work both in study and practicing, I am a team player and I can work well with my colleagues at the institution and I can also work independently in tasks that dictate so. This flexibility will enable me adopt into the system and perform tasks well.
Experiences That Have Helped Me Prepare For My Career
Personally, I have health problems and some have been caused by poor choice of foods. In the society as a whole I have seen people suffering from diseases that are rather preventable with proper diet. Children, who in most cases their diet is dictated by their parents, are the most affected by poor diet; despite this, less attention has been put in educating the children on proper diet. This has been left to educational institutions that teach it just as a topic in other subjects. These experiences have driven me to study this course so that I can become an expert in advising people on what to eat to lead a healthy lifestyle and improve their socioeconomic status.
My Short Term and Long Term Goals
Because the children are ill equipped with the knowledge about healthy living through proper diet, my short term goal is starting my own organization for kids that will train them how to eat and live healthy. This organization will give the children the right knowledge on the proper foods to eat in order to live healthy.
My long term goal is related with the short term goal, I have the knowledge and skills by virtue of training and experience in working with children. This will enable me to become a professional and experienced pediatric dietician. I would be able to advice on proper food and nutrition for children in different regions. This will enable children, who are more vulnerable to poor nutrition, to be able to lead a healthy lifestyle.
My Strengths
My time management skills are good in that I always perform duties within the stipulated time and when it comes to going to work, I always report in time. Pressure can sometimes hinder performance but for my case I do not succumb to pressure, I can overcome pressure and deliver even under pressure. Generally I am an ambitious, self motivated, determined, and confident person.
My Weaknesses
I have fear when it comes to addressing crowds but I am always determined to overcome this fear. I always endeavor to take an opportunity presented to overcome this weakness and I have not done badly and I believe this cannot deter me from pursuing my career. I know by the end of my course I would be able to overcome this weakness because there will be presentations and group discussions that will give me confidence in addressing crowds.
My other weakness is that I do not have previous education or knowledge about dietetics; this will be overcome by your training, internships and practicing.
Other Information
I would like to say that the selection process should not be majorly based on the grades, interviews and personal essay also have more to say about the applicant and should be given great consideration. One might not have good grades but might have strengths elsewhere that might enable him or her pursue the profession.
I would like to bring to your attention that I am a kind, helpful, confident, hardworking, ambitious, and considerate person. These virtues will be essential in my studying and practicing in this profession.