Loyola Marymount University – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "Loyola Marymount University " is an excellent example of a personal statement on English. I had the pleasure of attending the American of Paris for a period of two years. Even though I had plans of receiving my bachelor’ s degree from this institute, I was obligated to return home to be next to my family. The family is the reason why people do many things in life. Also, I could not bear being far from them for too long. I chose to apply to Loyola Marymount University because I wanted to be a part of its glorious community.

I am extremely eager to continue acquiring knowledge that is beneficial to my future. I look forward to experiencing various communication courses that LMU has to offer, that will further solidify my interest in communications. Moreover, the opportunity to work with intellectual minds from your prestigious university is particularly appealing to me.   One might ask why I need to join your university. The reason is simple; excellence. This reason, plus many others, gives me the pleasure of working towards joining the student fraternity of this prestigious and capable university.

The programs that the university offers appeal to me on a personal level. They would be of remarkable support in the course am pursuing. The credits that it has received make it an excellent choice for anyone willing to pursue further education. The professionalism it offers has caught the attention of many aspiring students. Furthermore, tuition fee charged by your university is manageable. I grew up envying the school traditions and hoping to be part of this world-class education establishment, in the pursuit of higher education (Loyola Marymount University 1).   It is for such reasons that I hope I do get admitted to your establishment so as to get the opportunity to establish and base for myself, and my future.

The principles the university has on conserving the environment appeal to me. I would cherish to be a part of that and help L. A. grow and flourish (Loyola Marymount University 1). I would be eternally grateful for such an opportunity. I can hardly emphasize the significance of being a part of the university. The Catholic foundation on which the university is built on will also help quench my religious thirst.

Getting a response will be duly appreciated. Thank you.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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