Why Do You Want to Be a Teacher – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "Why Do You Want to Be a Teacher" is an exceptional example of a personal statement on education. I have a yearning for teaching, learning, and getting the first-hand experience of people, which the reason I am interested in an admission for education majoring in media and technology. I intend to expand my teaching experience having worked as a teacher in 2010-2011. I envision more one-on-one interactions with students in future having amassed profound experience from the subject. The mass communication and education will come in handy during the search for excellence in the subject (Hartley and Whitehead 432).

The success of a student in education major lies in the ability to read and integrate skills such as computer operations and a liking for TV and movies. My hobbies are within the same area, and I hope that I will use them that to sharpen the skills of teaching and classroom interactions I will have in future. Having administered senior school activities for two years will give me a platform to expand my field on the subject of education major.

I will become a force to reckon with in class because I can work with tutors and steer self-education without a hassle. However, the most outstanding accomplishment that will enable securing the admission entails working at King Faisal University in Al-Hassa. Additionally, having a certificate in the development of the special course boosts my qualification even further. Not only did I get excellence GPA in the school, but also I began a journey towards a great future as a guru in the field of education. Getting the admission slot will seal the deal and become a means to achieve my dream career.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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