Personal Development Portfolio – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "Personal Development Portfolio" is a perfect example of a personal statement on education. According to my personal development plan, I have made various initiatives that will ensure I achieve my academic goals in order to attain good grades and also in my professional life. In my plan, I have reflected on the things that I should do in order for me to put more energy into the processes that will see me through my own learning, academic performance and achieve the epitome of my educational, social, and career development.

This is because since I made a plan, I have seen great improvements that have taken my career to greater heights. For example, I have realized that I am able to turn in assignments at the right time. There is little doubt from me that my work is full of originality that it deserves. One of the areas that I have realized to be of vital importance in the attainment of my academic degree lies on the issue of working as a team and being able to accommodate more ideas from other people rather than keeping to myself all the time (TURNER, Kathy, et al. , 2012).

In order for me to be better at my academic performance, I must accept the idea that academics is not only about being able to repeat or rather re-write whatever I have been taught in class by my tutors. Academic performance also means that I have to be able to understand the course, this is very important because what I grasp will be able to make me perform well professionally. Academic skills that I get should also be able to reflect in my professional life.

For this reason, I do not agree with the idea that people go to for higher education just to be able to pass exams, rather to also learn social and professional skills. For one to better in academic skills, one needs to develop among other abilities, to do great research work in one’ s field of study. I must be able to undergo a lot of experiments and practical sessions so that I can sharpen my skills in order to improve my academic performance. The other important lessons in attaining great academic performance will involve proper time management.

This is one of the vital points in enabling one to achieve academic and professional goals. Time management includes other social aspects of life. In my personal plan I realize that with great time management, I am able to have time for studying in order to improve on my academic grade as well as being able to have time to socialize and attend to other co-curricular activities like sport (BRESCIANI, Marilee J., and Wolff, Ralph A., 2006). When it comes to the issue of academic skills, I am currently working on increasing my grades from a B+.

One of the reasons that have seen this coming through is because I did a SWOT analysis of myself (BENSOUASSAN, Babette E., and Fleisher, Grail L., 2012). This helped me to recognize my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to my academic life. With this in mind, I have been able to work out a perfect plan. One of the areas of focus is finding a way in which I am able to perfect my strengths, be able to correct and improve on my weak areas in order to make them one of my strong points.

At this, I should be able to utilize the opportunity of excelling well in my favorite subjects in order to achieve better grades than other students, by doing so I will be able to overcome the threats that are usually posed by the SWOT analysis.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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