Personal Code of Ethics for Health Care Professional – Personal Statement Example

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The paper “ Personal Code of Ethics for Health Care Professional" is an inspiring example of a personal statement on health sciences & medicine. The author suggests that in performing his duties as a healthcare profession, he must: - Act in the patient best interest. - Conduct professional activities with honesty, fairness and good faith in a manner that will reflect well upon the profession. - I will follow laws and regulations pertaining to healthcare management that are located. - Avoid exploitation of the patient for my personal gain.

- Ensure that there is a proper way of evaluating the quality of service offered. - Avoid practicing discrimination in the organization. - Ensure there is a process that gives advice to patients about the risks associated with certain healthcare services. - Ensure there is a process to resolve conflict in case it arises especially between patients and the employees. - Ensure there is no abuse of power that could affect patients served and how to deal with it if found. - Ensure that the patient information kept confidential all the time.

- Provide quality healthcare service using the available resources and if resources are limited find a way to get the resources. - Respect the customs and practice of patients according to the organizational regulation. - Provide a safe and healthy working environment for employees working there. - Provide resources for staff to address ethical organizational issues. - Give patient adequate and accurate information in order to make the right decisions. - Maintain the safety of the patient ahead of everything. - Maintain professional integrity.   Discussion Personal belief has no places in a health care worker’ s life since one has to act in the patient best interest because it is their duty to serve them.

For instance, is a patient suffering from liver cirrhosis the doctor has to treat him because it’ s the patient best interest he won’ t refuse on the basis that it’ s a sin to drink alcohol? The patient’ s information should be kept private since these records belong to the patients although the health provider keeps them. Ethical and legal rules govern These documents. This privacy helps the patient to be free with the health care provider knowing that the information is confidential.

Health care providers who receive confidential information in their professional capacity are supposed to legally and ethically to protect it against any disclosure (Stanford & Connor, 2014). Perform a duty by being honest and fair to the patient. It will help the patient know the real condition that they are inland also by giving the patient the best advice, not the advice that benefits you as a healthcare provider.

Following laws and regulations pertaining to healthcare management that are located. This will help health care workers avoid having problems with the law. And will also help the image of the facility. A healthcare executive should make sure that the procedures for evaluating the quality of service are properly put in place. It will ensure that the health care facility provides services that are up to the required standards. The responsibility of health management is to evaluate the quality of services they provide. The management should ensure that there is no discrimination in the health care facility.

All employees should be equally treated and in case of a problem, the one responsible should be a question. Healthcare providers are supposed to ensure that adequate information is given to the patient about any medical procedure he/she is to undergo. He should give out the information including the advantages and disadvantages of certain procedures, this will help the patient to make the right decisions. Health care providers should ensure that they have put in place adequate rules and procedures to handle conflict when they arise.

Especially if it is between employees and patients, this will help build the reputation of the health care facility. The executives of healthcare facilities should ensure that there is no abuse of power since this could affect the quality of services patients could receive. They should also find the solution to if a case is found out (Stanford & Connor, 2014). Such regards render the services being offered to loose meaning, it robs away the trust built by the management concerning the customer base and hence should be safeguarded.

Conclusion Healthcare employers should provide a safe and healthy working environment for themselves and their patients. This will help the patient have positive thinking about health care and will build their confidence in the facility. The health care executive should give their employees a chance to address the unethical issues and resources to use in addressing them. They should have the freedom to express their opinions. This help the employees feel they are part of the organization.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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