Personal Experience That Has Shaped the Person That You Are – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "Personal Experience That Has Shaped the Person That You Are" is a good example of a personal statement on creative writing. Personal experiences significantly influence individuals and often help shape their personality. I was a much-spoiled child and had no compunction on playing practical jokes on everyone, including my elders. My pranks on my friends and relatives were much talked about events. I distinctly remember that when I was 12 years old, I was quite put off by my aunt who had recently come to my home.

She was very strict and did not approve of my pranks. So I concocted the story of her daughter’ s accident and told her that her daughter had met with an accident on road and that she was taken to the hospital. Instead of getting frantic, she just looked at me and fainted with a loud scream. I told everyone that it was not true but nobody was listening. My aunt was a long time in the hospital. She had a weak heart and the shock of her daughter’ s accident had nearly killed her.

That incident changed me completely. I had as suddenly lost all my childishness and desire to play practical jokes on anyone. Indeed, I loved my aunt but because of me, she was in the hospital. My innocent lie had almost made my cousin an orphan. That one lie had made me see the folly of my actions. Today, I am more sensitive to the feelings of other people and have developed a strong sense of responsibility towards my cousin. I now realize that parents should not spoil children but inculcate responsible behavior and an empathetic attitude for others.

My one irresponsible act had nearly taken somebody’ s life.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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