A Plan to Undertake a Masters Degree in Construction Economics at UCL Having an Academic Education in Economics and Accounting – Personal Statement Example

Personal ment Having majored in Economics during my undergraduate studies, I would like to improve my knowledge in this discipline through learning how it can be integrated in the Construction sector. In this regard, I would like to undertake Masters Degree in Construction Economics.
My desire to study this course at UCL is driven by the fact that, this is the largest multidisciplinary institution in the United Kingdom, equipped with appropriate facilities and resources for research and study. The college also boasts of professionals from various academic disciplines, who assist students in learning as well as research activities. I also feel that the physical location of UCL will provide me with a platform to interact with experts in various disciplines such as architectures, engineers as well as surveyors. I studied economics and accounting at the University of Edinburg therefore, I would also like to explore a new learning environment, thus my desire to learn in UCL.
I possess a high sense of interest towards understanding how knowledge in economics can be applied in the construction sector to facilitate sustainable development. I would like to acquire this knowledge so that I may assist my family to expand our construction business that has been operational for quite some time. Additionally, I believe that the acquisition of knowledge in Construction Economics will enhance my efforts towards promoting sustainable development.
It is also my belief that my academic background in economics and accounting provides me with an appropriate starting point to succeed in this course, this is because I may not experience extra challenges associated with the work loads of learning economics in construction. Additionally, having worked in various organisations such as the Bank of China and as a Deputy Mayor in Zhe Jiang Province where I was in charge of various managerial duties such as: Information processing, liaising with other managers in order to generate ideas on how to undertake certain organizational challenges, enforcing high working standards, evaluation and quantification of annual reports among others, I believe that I posses the appropriate background managerial knowledge that will facilitate my success in this course. On the other hand, I have experience in construction issues due to the fact that I have been working in our family construction company as an intern during holidays. These internships provided me with a platform to learn and apply my classroom skills on a practical basis.
In relation to individual capacity, I consider myself an analytical and a self-motivated person with proper organisational skills. This will enhance my efforts in solving various challenges associated with not only classroom work, but also in the real field of Construction Economics. The other skills that I posses is the capacity to work and learn in scenarios of intensity, which to some extent is associated with the course of Construction Economics. I believe that Construction Economics has a lot to offer the general public in terms of economic development, I am focused towards ensuring that the knowledge and skills I gain in this course, will be appropriately applied in future real field scenarios, not only in my family business, but also in other sectors of public development.