Development and Socialization in Childhood and Adolescence Psychology – Personal Statement Example

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The paper “ Development and Socialization in Childhood and Adolescence Psychology" is a motivating variant of a personal statement on psychology. As a holder of a bachelor’ s degree in psychology and management, I am passionate about both fields. The course has equipped me with essential tools to deal with daily undertakings in the field of psychology. For instance, through knowledge of methods and statistics, which I acquired from the book Learning to use statistical tests in psychology, I am able to use SPSS and excel. This is especially handy when conducting research as it allows for effective result analysis when using the Wilcoxon test, man-Whitney test, Kruskal Wallis test, the ANOVA test and the t-test among others.

In order to horn my knowledge, I have taken a course on research methods to provide in-depth knowledge on how to compile research papers.   I have additionally gained practical experience by working in various fields that require my expertise. Since January of this year, I have been working alongside the school counselor at the International School in the Netherlands. This primarily involves working with adolescents in secondary school, as well as alongside the educational and school psychologist for both the primary and secondary school levels of the International School.

While working alongside the school counselor, I shadow during some sessions with students to observe and learn the counseling strategies she employs. Furthermore, while working under the school psychologist, I was assigned a new 11-year-old Japanese student with ADHD and anxiety attacks. My primary duty was to observe and support him during classes and subsequently develop his individual education plan (IEP). Working in the school’ s counseling department has enabled me to build my mindfulness and wellbeing by reading many books on these topics.

The books have also provided practical information on ways to mentor young student group leaders of between 14 and 18 years of age to build their leadership skills. I assist primary school students in grade 5 with their math groups at least once a week. These children have major learning difficulties, so the extra tutoring helps. By working with the educational psychologist in primary school, I have gained knowledge on how to score tests after performing the NARA reading test on children who might have dyslexia.

I have also become increasingly appreciative of the environment in which mentally ill patients live through my weekly visits to the Inloophuis Psychiatire, a psychiatric open house in Leiden. I began my routine visits in October this year. Through my interaction with mentally ill patients, I have learned how to make them feel comfortable by among others listening to them whenever they need to talk. While I have resided aboard for the most part of my life, I am originally from Saudi Arabia.

My nativity has made me realize that society is not readily appreciative of the help and ironically, the ones who want help do not find it easily available. This, as well as a few extended family members who neglect their autistic children and those with learning disabilities because of lack of specialized help in their region, has inspired me to provide assistance to such helpless children. My passion for helpless children compelled me to spend a few weeks in the Tuni village, in India where I engaged a child and teenage orphans in activities such as team-building exercises.

I also taught children at the orphanage basics of the English language, which made communication easier.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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