Being a Good Leader – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "Being a Good Leader" is an outstanding example of a management personal statement.     As a leader, I believe that my strengths lie in the ability to listen and to inspire people to follow me. This is backed up by excellent communication skills, which is a two-way process, and judgment skills, which includes being detail and result-oriented. Without these, I won’ t be able to reach out to my people and deal with them accordingly. Being detail and result-oriented, I am able to see what are the needs and wants of my people in comparison with my goal, therefore using it to create strategic action plans that will eventually deliver what is expected for each member of the team.   One of the challenges that I face in being a leader is being too focused on delivering the results though I tend to focus on one aspect or detail of it that I tend to overlook the entirety of the task.

Another challenge for me is my passion to develop individual team members so they can reach their full potential that I tend to push them forward in the limelight while I keep myself in the backstage.

This eventually makes my superiors think that I am not doing anything at all. One particular theory that I support and believe in is the Relationship or Transformational Theory because it is actually how I work with regards to leading and managing people, which is to inspire people. Inspired people follow and respect you because they get the motivation from the inspiration you bring. I also believe and support the Situational Theory because I believe that different situations call for different leadership styles.

People have different attitudes that a leader should consider when dealing with them. One approach might be effective for one but ineffective for another. This is why we have to look into different aspects of the situation before dealing with the individuals and the team itself.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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