Protective Mechanisms to Cope with Stress due to Divorce – Personal Statement Example

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The paper “Protective Mechanisms to Cope with Stress due to Divorce" is a dramatic variant of a  personal statement on psychology. Divorce has many effects on someone’s life because of the relationship between the two people. At times, it is usually difficult to deal with the problem. After getting divorced, there are methods that I have used to counter this problem. These methods include compensation, displacement, idealization, reaction formation, and repression. I have been able to transfer the feelings I had for my companion to y best friend. When I feel I need someone to interact with and talk to, I always have him as I used to have my wife. To strengthen the relationship, I have ensured that he loves baseball so that we have a lot of time in baseball functions. This counters the time that I have to spend at home. 

Although it is a quite different relationship, I have learned to admire the strengths of my friend and believe that they are better than those of my wife. The affection I felt for my wife was too much, but I always have to pretend that they do not exist anymore. These problem-solving methods are greatly helping me in the struggle to cope with divorce. The only improvement needed is a method to help me overcome the feeling of her deep-felt affection. This can help me in getting her out of my life, which is a great step towards success.

In this problem, I have used a number of defense mechanisms, which include compensation, displacement, idealization, reaction formation, and repression. On remembering the incident that led to our divorce, I always use repression to get over it, because the moment is too upsetting to think about it. Most of my colleagues like knowing the progression of my life after divorce. I always employ the reaction formation defense mechanism to ensure that they are in favor of the divorce. This has many effects because at times I am not sure if the feeling concealed is the true feeling. I use these mechanisms because they are appropriate in the problem experienced. All the same, continued practice leads may lead to success.

The defense mechanisms illustrated above have enabled me to find out various to deal with stress. It is important to avoid any remembrance of the good times during the marriage. There are so many memories in the home where we spent time with my wife. In avoiding the memories that bring many thoughts, I have resulted to living with a number of people in the house. This assists me in avoiding loneliness. The many times that I am not at home, I am usually with my best friend, probably in baseball functions.

The top emotional problem is the solitary life without my wife. Occasionally, I have resulted to a number of unworthy ways to counter these problems. These ways include excessive drinking and not appreciating women. However, my friend has greatly helped me on this matter and in healing on the damages caused by the divorce. The reason for a complete change in my life is to ensure that there is a total difference between my past and current life. The plan is to involve all the people around me to ensure complete stress management and continued success in my life. Stress is managed through a number of ways, but the most appropriate in my case is to avoid any memories and interaction of my wife.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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