Becoming an Orthopedic Surgeon – Personal Statement Example

Medical School Personal ment It is my utmost desire to become an orthopedic surgeon. The different situations I have encountered in my life seem to drive me to the same goal, which is to have a career in orthopedic medicine. I acknowledge that a career in this critical field demands specific personal traits, a degree of experience, as well as a motivational force. It is my will to work as an orthopedic specialist in sports medicine since I want to merge my love and experience for sports and my interest in science.
My desire to indulge in sports medicine crept in me when I was still young. I was born and raised in Texas where football is an everyday enviable sport. Playing football empowered me physically and mentally. I was able to develop self-discipline, which is a necessity in the medical field. Therefore, I can employ the self-discipline I acquired to serve my patients well without any supervision. Perseverance and commitment were other qualities that I acquired during my football experience in addition to understanding the importance of teamwork. The teamwork that I as well learnt from football will help me in my medical practices since I will be able to work well with other medical practitioners. Football also instilled the joy of hard work in me and I will apply it in all ways I can to ensure that I give my all so that I will enjoy seeing patients healthy and strong once again.
The experience that followed later shifted my attention from being just a football player to desiring sports medicine. I was involved in an accident during a game and I not only shattered my ankle but also blew my knee hence could not play anymore. I then concentrated on education and I discovered my love for science. My passion for science drove me to succeed in class evident from the fact that I was a good student. The dedication I had for football remained constant and, combined with the knowledge I was obtaining in class, my desire of orthopedic surgery emerged.
In school, I worked along the sports medical team. I assisted them in a range of activities such as taping ankles, wrists, hands as well as cleansing wounds and conducting injury therapies. This was a major step for me since through my interaction with the sports medical team I was able to know more about orthopedics as well as more information about medicine. My love for science also made me realize the need for good health. After the injury, I ended up being obese. However, following the interest I had for science, I saw the need for good health and decided to work on my weight in order to lead by example. This is just but part of the experience I have acquired so far.
Other that the personal desire I have for medicine, I also want to pursue medicine in order to be an example to not only my siblings but also other people in my community. I grew up in a community where success seemed so far-fetched. It seemed almost impossible because our neighborhood experienced instances of crime, drugs, hunger, and poverty. Education was not a priority to the community but thanks to my parents who encouraged me, I was able to develop the motivation to work hard in school. Despite all these difficulties coupled with the fact that my parents had low paying jobs, I was determined to put my head into education. My determination and perseverance paid off eventually evident from the fact that I have attained a variety of scholarships and awards in my academic life. This therefore shows that I will do well if given a chance in a medicine carrier. I am flexible and can even work in adverse environments considering the perseverance trait I have.
Medicine demands that one serves the patients and ensures that they satisfy their medical needs fully. As I worked along Dr.Traudt, our family physicians, I learnt a lot form her since she ensures that she spends as much time with the patients according to their needs. Her commitment inspired me further considering the fact that I was born and raised in a humble family. My passion to become a physician results from my desire to use medicine as a mechanism to comfort, heal, and provide hope for all patients.
I really need to be involved in a program that will give me the fulfillment I have grown desiring all the way from playing football to learning physiology and the human anatomy in school. The fact that I am ‘distance traveled’ indicates that I have interacted with a number of people through exposure hence will be able to interact well with different patients as well as understand their different beliefs and behaviors. I am also mature and will blend well with the working environment medicine presents. Finally, I would love to use my positivity as I work with the patients to encourage them as I attend to them hence faster recovery (Rakel & David, 59).
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