Management Of Technology - MASTER OF SCIENCE - NYU Polytechnic School Of Engineering – Personal Statement Example

Personal ment Personal ment: Master of Science NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering is the destination of choice for me to study the Master of Science in Management of Technology. My background training in Technology in Computer Systems is one of the things that justify my suitability for this program. This is because this training puts me in the category of information technology, which is one of the sectors that benefit the most from this program. The knowledge I got from my training in Technology in Computer will be relevant in appreciating the content of this program. My G.P.A of 3.0 is an additional proof of my academic qualification for the pursuit of this program (Peterson’s Firm, 2009).
One of my goals in studying this program is working in a management or administrative position in an information technology company. I endeavor to shift from mere practice of information technology to management. My objective is to use this program to garner enough knowledge that will help me be an effective manager or administrator. This is possible with NYU Master of Science in Management of Technology because it is designed to equip students with the best practices and trending thinking that adds onto the effectiveness of their managerial skills later on in the workplace. The quantitative analysis skills that this program instills in its students will also make it possible for me to achieve this objective (Peterson’s Firm, 2009).
My long-term goal is to start a consultancy firm that will offer advisory services in the management of technology and innovation. My objective is to advance my knowledge of information technology. The NYU Master of Science in Management of Technology is the most suitable program for me to achieve this objective because it provides me with an opportunity to study courses in this field including advanced trends in technology management and innovation, and high technology entrepreneurship. The research activity to which this program will expose me will expand my knowledge and add unto the robustness of my practice in consultancy (NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering, n.d.).
This program relates well with my professional experience. My internship at Tiger Party and IT Mobility provided me with opportunities to simulate my knowledge of information technology in software development. While at Tiger Party, I learnt to use Visual Studio Ultimate in C# in working with other programs including Web Data Extraction and TC/IP. My pursuit of this masters program will benefit from the hands-on experience I got working with SQL Server Database Management Studio R2 while at IT Mobility. Additionally, I seek to use the knowledge I will get from this masters program to advance the administrative skills that I learnt while on internship in the New York-Presbyterian Columbia University Medical Center where I worked as an administrative assistance of the anesthesia IT Department (Peterson’s Firm, 2009).
In conclusion, a chance to study this program will provide me with an opportunity to expand my network with cohorts. The emphasis NYU lays on intensive teamwork, coaching and mentoring convinces me that I will get high quality education. I look forward to studying in this highly esteemed institution taught by a faculty reputed world over.

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