Applying to Western State University Law School – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "Applying to Western State University Law School" is an excellent example of a personal statement on law.   I have worked with world-renowned medical device and biotechnology companies ever since2002. I developed an interest in law in my former job at Varian Medical System Inc. (VMS). I was responsible for patient safety and risk management of radiation therapy devices, which were distributed globally. Walt Bogdanich, a New York Times writer, wrote a series of articles that stressed significant radiation hazards for patients undergoing treatment on VMS’ s machines. These are highly multifaceted radiotherapy devices, and they must be carefully operated.

Bogdanich’ s writings talked about the inadequacy of safety measures on these machines, ineffective regulatory methods, and insufficient user training. This has brought about tremendous hue and cry among advocacy groups, patient community, and worldwide regulatory agencies. These articles were a direct attack on my organization’ s product quality, compliance, ethics, as well as business practices. Since I was responsible for patient safety and risk management activities, I was exceedingly affected by these articles. A legal team, set up by my organization, was using the risk assessment presented by my team as a contribution to their strategies to deal with product liability lawsuits, as well as regulatory agencies concerns.

I learned from the team that even though a person might be fully knowledgeable in an area of their expertise, they still have to offer solid evidence to support their legal arguments. In the past few years, one feature of my job was centered on regulatory conformity. I discovered that legal education has a leading role in understanding the regulation. Legal education could help someone develop strategies that are effective and efficient in convincing regulatory agencies to complete product approval and maintain outstanding compliance to alleviate regulatory and health liability risks.

Medical technologies are evolving rapidly. These new technologies come with tremendous challenges in terms of product liability, compliance, regulations, in addition to lifecycle management. Countries are working towards improving their regulatory framework in order to have enhanced control on commercialization and medical products development to secure public health. I consider that legal education will improve my skills and knowledge, which will widen my ability to excel in my profession and also build fresh skills in law school.

Engineering education has improved my thinking competence. This has also improved the way I communicate with others. In my opinion, thinking logically is the basis of being a successful attorney. My job experience has helped me discover that legal issues create bigger challenges than engineering endeavors. I highly believe that my technical experience combined with legal education will help me shape policies in medical product development. My wife and I want to bring in a family relative, Alok, whose parents passed away.

Alok lives in India, but we want him to come live us. We have struggled for two years to bring him to the country. I pressed my way through the system, meeting with a highly-rated Indian legislator to convince of the bona fide character of my case. I had to examine the two respective countries’ adoption regulations and laws. We met with numerous legal experts including Illien Adoption International team in our journey. This family venture taught me several lessons and also enlightened me to the complexity and importance of the legal system.

I also developed a desire to pursue a law-related course. However, I do not suppose that family law and adoption will be the sole focus of my legal career, but I trust that I can also do well in social issues and highly complex technical problems. The events of the past few years have slowly pushed me down this new career path. I now look forward to pursuing my new course at the Western State University Law School. I suppose that a JD degree would assist me in the promotion to a more senior management position.

A JD degree will grant me an improved understanding of the strategic background of healthcare laws. Through this, I can influence significant decisions at the firm I work for. I am certain that the JD degree will not just present me with the knowledge that I can put into practice, but also the confidence to believe in my capabilities. It will also help me incorporate a technical approach to risk management when opportunities arise. I strongly believe that a law degree is a lasting investment and a foundation of useful experience in legal matters for years of productive work ahead.

I believe that this program will reinforce my critical analysis, strategic thinking, as well as team-building and communication skills. Through it, I can develop strong working relations with candidates from other companies, functional areas, industries or countries, allowing me to obtain a sharpened global vision. Western State University in Orange County offers one of the best business law programs. Aside from the encouraging location, it has a strong alumni network and extremely down to earth and passionate faculty members, who are also experienced.

I noticed this when I toured the law school on the University’ s open day. I am proud to be associated with a world-class university, which has a challenging academic environment.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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